1st Picks for 2nd Chances – Meet Bruce!

We’re happy to be known as DDR who helps the community, DDR with the Shelter Intervention Program, DDR who is making a difference. But we’re also DDR the rescue group, and we’re all about second chances. We believe animals deserve a second chance, and we stand by each of our rescue dogs. They’re all worthy souls living up to their potentials, some getting there easier and quicker than others.

And yet there are a few dogs that stand out because they have unique needs, because they’ve been with us so long, or because they’ve been waiting waiting waiting for a family to call their own. This is the first of our four-part series called 1st Picks for 2nd Chances. We sincerely hope you will read these stories, share them widely, and open your hearts. Who knows – maybe even consider opening your home if you’re the right fit!

Please know these four dogs are extra challenging and not for every person or family. But whoever adopts them will get free boarding at the DDR kennel whenever traveling, as well as a lifetime of support, spanning from dog training to assistance with medical care.

So let’s start with our first pick for a second chance, Bruce! This three-year-old Bulldog/Pit bull mix is a happy guy with loads of energy. However, he’s very relaxed in a home environment and is learning to curb his excitement when he’s out on walks. Bruce is a strong dog, and has that true Bulldog stubborn streak you just gotta love. But he’s come a long way in his foster home over the last few months.

Bruce 1

Bruce first came to us when he was just over a year old. He was adopted from us then, and all was well from what we knew until about a year later when that adopter surrendered him to an animal shelter. This is quite baffling for a rescue group as the owner never contacted us about any sort of issues or tried to bring him back into our care. Who knows what happened to his life while he was in that home, or why the owner felt so desperate he had to relinquish him to the shelter, but all that matters is we got Bruce back.

When we picked him up, we noticed he was a bit traumatized. Thankfully, with a little consistency and TLC that is all gone now, and he is a joyful guy who loves belly rubs and snuggling up with his foster mom. Bruce has a forward personality and a rough play style with other dogs, although we’re confident that this will mellow out over time as he gets older. He currently goes to day care and continues to socialize with others, improving his manners around other canines and going for several pack walks every day.

The truth is, Bruce is not really a dog that has “problems,” he’s just energetic and strong and gets excited when he’s out in the world. But maybe there’s a person out there who’s exactly the same way, or wants just this type of dog! To top it off, he lives with two cats and is very respectful to them, and Bruce absolutely LOVES men. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys bonding as well as working with your dog, and if you don’t mind his strength or exuberant glee, then please look no further. Bruce is your man! We promise he will make you laugh often.

Bruce 3

It’s high time Bruce find his forever home. We’d sure like to see that come true for him. To see a full profile on Bruce with more photos and video, please click here! And thank you for helping us spread the word! The more dogs we adopt out, the more frequently our foster homes can open up, and the more dogs we can save. DDR the rescue needs and appreciates your support.