For all our Strut Your Mutt-ers!!!!
Here is a gallery of photos of Stone, our inspiration for Strut Your Mutt!
What a handsome bully boy!
You’ll get your ears all healed up Stone
— just hang in there!

Photos by Karl Loveys
Pictured with Stone is one of DDR’s favorite people
and independent rescuer: Cathy Simpson







LORI’S CORNER: The Key to Combating Pet Overpopulation: Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Program

Downtown Dog Rescue has always been very active in assisting homeless and very low income dog owners get their dogs spayed/neutered free of charge. Over the years, we have all volunteered at lots and lots of free spay/neuter events and have supported all the mobile clinic providers. Without The Amanda Foundation, Sam Simon and the newest mobile clinic Angel Dogs Foundation, most of the clients who get their dogs spayed/neutered would never get it done. Coupons, vouchers, Clinico and other low cost clinics are great, but going into a park, church, or school parking lot with a mobile clinic is the best way to get the dog owners that are the highest risk for allowing their dogs to have multiple litters of puppies.
Do we do these clinic because we just love dogs? We do these clinics because we care about the dog owners in some of the most violent neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, areas like South Central Los Angeles, Watts, or Compton. Even though the mobile clinic is right there, just across the street from the guy with four pit bulls and it’s free, it might not be enough to get him to walk over and ask for information. What we’ve found to be successful is to become a presence in the communities that we serve.
In 2010, Petsmart Charities awarded DDR with a grant to pay for 50% of the cost to spay/neuter 680 dogs living in the City of Compton. The other 50% was supposed to come from the County of Los Angeles Animal Control. We contract Sam Simon or Angel Dogs Foundation the second Saturday of each month, to spay/neuter at least 35 dogs in East Rancho Dominguez Park. Last month, we did a double day, operating our Clinic on Saturday and Sunday and July and August will also be double day months. The challenge is getting the agreed upon funding from the County of Los Angeles. It sure sounded simple when we started this project, provide proof of income for each dog owner and include a surgery receipt.
What we didn’t plan for were all the clients who have no income, are homeless, get paid in cash, are not entitled to any government services, don’t have any form of ID, refuse to give us a copy of their ID and people who just walk up to the clinic while walking their dog in the park and after a long conversation, talking the dog owner out of breeding their dog, we load the […]

PITStop DogGone Good EVENT #4: An exclusive V.I.P. Evening of Magic with David Minkin

Ok PITStop DogGone Good Event-ers!!! Looking for something new to do? Trying to find that one event you and the hubs are willing to pay for but still haven’t found for an extra special DATE NIGHT? How about you thinking of finally asking that special lady or beau out and racking your brain as to where to go and will it be special enough?!!!!! I say get 47 of your closest friends and family and sell this place out! Listen up folks, we’ve got the event for you! A special V.I.P. treat is happening on Friday, June 18th.

David Minkin will be performing his unique brand
of close-up magic to 48 people!!!!
Be one of those in the audience!!!!

It will be held in this beautiful looking, newly renovated building, EXCHANGE LA in Downtown LA…you’ll get a triple banger for the price of your ticket: David’s “Transcending Reality” performance in a private gallery, the exclusive pre-opening party at Exchange LA, featuring DJ’s from around the world and finally, aerialists performing from the venue’s hand-painted 40 foot ceilings. AERIALISTS!!!! So come on, this is going to be one of those once in a quick lifetime sort of things.

We at DDR want to especially support David who is a rescue dogs ambassador! He believes in rescue work and has two rescues of his own, Blizzard & Cosmo —

He wants the work to continue and wants to support Downtown Dog Rescue projects.

He is generously donating a portion of the ticket proceeds for his LA Exchange performance to us! HOORAY!!!!!!! Thank you so much David!!!

Good luck on the 18th
and DDR friends and family…Come out and support!

Evening of Magic
David Minkin

One Night Only!

June 18, 2010 (Friday) – 8:00 PM