National Change A Pet’s Life Day + #GiveFive kick-off!

#GiveFive is a social initiative to raise awareness for Downtown Dog Rescue and encourage donations towards our rescue efforts — even just $5!

Please, please, please join us today for the kick-off.

It’s super easy: Today…

  1. Take a photo (or video) of you and your dog giving high five (or “paw”)
  2. Share to your social media sites with the #GiveFive hashtag and @DowntownDogRescue and tag up to 5 friends challenging them to do the same.
  3. Donate $5 (or more!). Ready to give?


Race for the Rescues less than a month away!

unnamed (29)On Saturday October 24th, Downtown Dog Rescue will be one of a couple dozen organizations participating in the annual Race for the Rescues at the Pasadena Rose bowl.  Our goal is to raise $30,000 to support our South LA Shelter Intervention program.

Help us keep more pets with their families and send dogs and cats in the shelter back home.

Many families who come to the shelter looking for help to care for their pets, need our help to pay for a medical crisis, dog training, grooming, installing a fence, a gate or a dog run, and free spay/neuter.  For some, they visit our office once a month for pet food assistance.

Since April 2013, we have assisted almost 5000 families with pets at the South LA Shelter!

In addition to having a DDR counselor at the South LA Shelter, six days a week, we are also out in the community, hosting a monthly free vaccination and microchip clinics in some of the most under served areas in Los Angeles.  Offering free community dog training and free spay/neuter, with a kennel that houses our rescue dogs, in the heart of the community that needs our help, is how we stay connected and help more families with pets.

A donation of $10 pays for a rabies vaccine.  A donation of $30 pays for a visit to a vet  $100-$500 pays for a medical crisis

Consider making a donation today!

Donate to Race for the Rescues

My sincere thanks for your continued support,

Lori Weise


Last week, writer and friend of Downtown Dog Rescue, Ryan Vaillancourt, wrote and posted and article on the Downtown New blog about Downtown Dog Rescue losing our home after 14 years. LA DOWNTOWN NEWS LINK TO ARTICLE This is a true but sad fact. My company, Modernica, which has generously donated the land where our kennel is located, in back of our wood shop, will no longer be available because Modernica is moving to Vernon. I’ve known about this move for several months and applied for a kennel permit with the City of Vernon. I was denied, no kennels of any type are allowed, despite several letters of recommendation and an outline of the services and programs that we provide the communities that we serve.

While we are not in a panic about where to move 20 rescue dogs, we do need to consider the long term future of DDR and we ask for your help. My dream has always been to create a true rehabilitation center where the DDR rescue dogs could live and play, getting ready to be adopted, not very different than what we have now, but place where we could expand our existing programs. What would be different is that we would be located in the community that we primarily serve, South Central Los Angeles. Dog owners could rely on us for more, including a puppy boot camp, puppy vaccination clinic, more mobile spay/neuter clinics and dog training to mention a few of the services that would reduce unwanted litters of puppies, put adoption and re-homing into the hearts and minds of dog owners who might otherwise “throw their dogs away” while promoting owner retention, all aspects of our Operation Safety. We would be taking it up a notch. Part of the reason for wanting this rehabilitation center is to provide job training and jobs for the youth and the unemployed and underemployed in SLA, Watts and Compton. Many young men who love […]