1st Picks for 2nd Chances – Meet Daisy!

A daisy can brighten your day. We’re not talking about the flower, we’re talking about our Daisy, a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who bonds tightly with her people. This beautiful girl is calm around the house, but also loves running around a yard and laying in the sun. She is not destructive and can be home alone an entire day without any problems at all.

We rescued Daisy when she was a puppy, and she was fearful in general back then. But being young came to her advantage and she was able to gracefully learn about life, behaved great with other dogs, and slowly grew lDaisy1ess anxious in new situations. Her discomfort in the world did not go away quickly and perhaps it never will entirely; however, she is very smart! She learns slowly and gets it. Then about a year ago, Daisy was adopted. Unfortunately her adopters added another dog to the home who was challenging. Living with a dog who did not like her, plus moving into a small space requiring several walks a day, was too much stress. Daisy was returned to us more uneasy around dogs, and better suited for a peaceful, nice life without other pets to share a home with. She would prefer not to tag along on errands with you, and instead stay home and greet you excitedly when you walk through the door.

Daisy’s dream would be to have a house and a yard, as well as an owner who gives belly rubs and accepts her for who she is – a truly wonderful companion. She is so very loving, she will lay by your feet for hours and be your absolute best friend. If you don’t have much time to spend walking and working with a dog, but would enjoy having a buddy around who does not ask for much, then Daisy is your lady! We believe wholeheartedly that the right home is out there just waiting to find her…and she’s waiting for you, too.

Daisy 2As DDR the rescue group, we’re all about second chances. We believe all animals deserve a second chance, and we stand by each of our rescue dogs. They are worthy souls living up to their potentials, some getting there easier and quicker than others. And yet there are a few dogs that stand out because they have unique needs, because they’ve been with us so long, or because they’ve been patiently waiting for the right family to call their own. Daisy’s story is the forth and last in our four-part series called 1st Picks for 2nd Chances. We sincerely hope you will read each of these tales, share them widely, and open your hearts.

Daisy is house-trained, spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. To learn more about her, please click on this link! And don’t forget to share her story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Who knows who might be her destiny – maybe even consider opening your home if you’re a good fit! The person who adopts Daisy or any one of these 1st Picks for 2nd Chances dogs will get free boarding at the DDR […]

1st Picks for 2nd Chances – Meet Rudy!

Hello to Rudy! Rudy is a sweet, 2-year-old America Staffordshire Terrier mix who weighs 70 lbs. He is a sweet, special dog that is best suited for a simple, quiet life. Adopted as a puppy, his previous owners wanted a dog who could go to doggy daycare and dog parks, but Rudy ended up not being a very good match for that. He’s been waiting patiently ever since for the “right” family to come along.

A peaceful home with a yard and someone who doesn’t leave for long periods of time would be Rudy’s ideal. He doesn’t need to play with other dogs or go on long walks as these activities make him over-stimulated and anxious at times. He is super friendly with people, and good with children. His foster family says, “Rudy is perfectly content laying quietly by your side or lounging in the sun all day!”  He would rather sit with you on a patch of grass than be the social butterfly of the neighborhood. So if you’re looking for a lovable four-legged friend who can keep you company at home and be your best buddy, look no further – Rudy is just the dog for you!

As DDR the rescue group, we’re all about second chances. We believe animals deserve a second chance, and we stand by each of our rescue dogs. They’re all worthy souls living up to their potentials, some getting there easier and quicker than others.

And yet there are a few dogs that stand out because they have unique needs, because they’ve been with us so long, or because they’ve been waiting waiting waiting for a family to call their own. Rudy’s story is the third of our four-part series called 1st Picks for 2nd Chances. We sincerely hope you will read these tales, share them widely, and open your hearts. Who knows – maybe even consider opening your home if you’re the rRudy2ight fit! Whoever adopts one of these dogs will get free boarding at the DDR kennel whenever traveling, as well as a lifetime of support, spanning from dog training to assistance with medical care.

Rudy is house-trained, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Currently living in a foster home with other dogs, he is doing well, but would prefer to be your one and only. To learn more about Rudy, please click here! And don’t forget to share his story with your friends, family, and coworkers! We just know his perfect match is out there waiting to meet him. Thank you for helping us make it possible for them to find each other.

PITStop Community Assist: BRUNO NEEDS A HOME

Happy New Year.. We hope you all have had time to think about how we can make a difference in the lives of our beautiful animals for 2011. 

I pulled him out of East Valley Shelter just days of being euthanized.. he is now in boarding here in Sun Valley/Burbank. It’s time friends, please share his story. It’s quite urgent now that be in a loving and caring home. You can contact me at (323) 500-9993 or simply send me a “hello”! please let us know if you have any questions. We are here for you.   Veronica Rivas

Calling all active, loving people with a nice big yard! He is an active, happy, sweet, sweet dog. Bruno and his sister’s owner lost their home and were turned over to the shelter. He was just days of being euthanized. A staff favorite they held him as long as possible. He is now in boarding and has been in for nearly a month and a half.. he really needs a home. The ideal place for him is with someone that has more than anything the time and space..because of some of his learned behavior he is also best suited with someone that is firm with setting boundaries. He is all about love and companionship.. Pit Bull Terrier/Mix, 7 years old, altered, all shots current, microchipped, loves being with people.. (323)500-9993

ACTIVATE: Mojave Dogs Need Rescue


Henry ~ German ~ Master of the Home …since he 
like to be on top of his house all the time

Aidan ~ Irish ~ Little Fire

Felicity ~ Latin ~ Happiness


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A hoarder dumped 75 dogs which quickly became 85 dogs in two weeks when dogs starting birthing their litters, in teh middle of the Mojave desert with no real shelter. Best Friends brought my attention to the situation. We raised enough money to bring Angel Dogs Foundation’s mobile clinic out to the site, spayed/neutered all the dogs, vaccinated and microchipped too. Lots and lots of rescues have come in to rescue the dogs off the property. There are still about 30 dogs, the more difficult to place ones are there which include, under socialized and older dogs that are in need of medical attention now. We have permission to continue to network the dogs from the property owner. Yesterday, a team of volunteers and some of my workers, built dog houses, reinforced and enlarged pens, making life better for the dogs that are still on the property. We need experienced local rescues to take more dogs. We are not allowing dogs to be shipped out of state or to Canada, we’ve had many offers. These dogs have been dumped before, as this is the way that this hoarder operates. Some of the dogs have been born and raised in a chain link run. Most of the dogs that have been rescued are already in homes, although some are still in fosters and need to be adopted. The dogs that I personally took are wonderful, very sweet dogs that did not deserve to live like that. No person or dog should have to live like […]

PITStop Community Assist: BRANDY & CHICO need a new home



An Operation Safety Net client and great pit bull owner Alysha, has a neighbor who needs to “get rid” of her female and male pit bull within the next two weeks. Brandy is two weeks pregnant and will be given away to anyone who wants her. We all know that this will be “easy money” for the wrong type of person once the puppies are born. 

 I am desperately trying to get Alysha to convince the owner to spay this dog immediately. Downtown Dog Rescue will pay for the spay surgery but can’t take this dog right now. We are full. Is there anyone out there that can take her? She is reported to be dog friendly, very people friendly. Chico, her companion dog is just under a year and is also reported to be dog friendly + is very friendly with people. They are both in a home with children and have never had any issues with being aggressive with dogs orpeople. 

Reaching out to our rescue is a big step for this dog owner. Typically, most dog owners just throw their dogs away on the street and move. They are trying to do things right here, regardless of what people may think. If you can take either dog into your rescue or know of someone who might be able to foster even one of these dogs, please get in touch with me ASAP: Lori@modernica.net


Furniture Manufacturer & Designer’s perpective on modern furniture & lighting.

Pets On Furniture 2011
2011 JANUARY 3
by Renee Massaro
It’s a brand new year and we want to start it off in style and what better way than with modern furniture and your wonderful pets? Our search for the best photos of pets on furniture officially begins today! Send us an original image of your furry, feathered or scaly friends now through January 31, to win the popular vote from friends, family, blog readers, facebook and twitter followers and the chance to win one of our four fabulous prizes:
Noguchi Coffee Table, black
Saucer Bubble Lamp (sm, med or lg)
Noguchi Dining Table (black or white)
Easy Chair (in stock)
Here are some contest tips:

Must be a photo of a pet on modern furniture

Pictures should be clear & the furniture must be recognizable (avoid close ups of your pet’s face)

Photos must be original no borrowing copy written photos without permission

A medium shot is better so we can see the furniture, pet & interior (we want to see your style)

Include your pet’s name and furniture designer/description (if applicable)

We wish you the best of luck and know that all of your beloved pets are winners regardless.



Sadly there has been no response at all for Daz, a dog the shelter considered a minus 3 on a scaled of 1-10. Daz was originally adopted from the shelter about 5 or 6 years ago: back then he was a hopeful happy dog. When he came back bloody, covered in fleas and ticks, and emaciated he looked as though he wished he were dead, his eyes haunted and so sad.

And he will get his wish soon if no one responds to rescue him although now, nursed back to health by the shelter, Daz is friendly and hopeful and so happy when he gets attention. He wants to live very much but his time at the shelter is winding down: He has been there more than 3 months.

Daz is very very urgent: If you wish to also pledge for Daz please email: network@jasonheiglfoundation.org




Daz is a charming 7 year old black and white staffie boy at the West LA shelter. Originally adopted from an LA city shelter years ago (note the old ID number) Daz was again impounded on 10/2/2010 as an abuse case. The shelter staff said that on a scale of 1-10, he came in a minus 3! See his Before/After photos. The WLA shelter has done a fabulous job nursing him back to health. He’s a healthy, sweet boy who needs a second chance at a GOOD life. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could welcome the New Year in a safe place? Please consider rescuing Daz!

The Heigl Foundation is pledging $200 for “Daz” A0734223 @ the West LA shelter. IMPORTANT: To receive a Heigl donation you must already be an approved Heigl Rescue Partner OR, if you are a 501c3 and have a PayPal account registered in your rescue’s name, you can apply to become a Heigl Rescue Partner in order to qualify for donations.

If you wish to also pledge for Daz please email network@jasonheiglfoundation.org

Jason Debus Heigl Foundation

LORI’S CORNER: My afternoon with Edgar and Queeny

On Saturday afternoon, Clancy and I paid a visit to Edgar’s home, where he met me with Queeny, who was eager to go on a walk and show me the neighborhood. Edgar had warned me about his neighborhood. He pointed out a couple guys that were Blood Piru and some tagging on the walls. We walked to the end of the block when he told me about his 17 year old friend who had been killed by gang members, shot several times in the chest, mistaken identity, since his friend was not a gang member. VERY sad. 

 We crossed the street to the community center where we are planning to host a free spay/neuter day for pit bulls living in the City of Hawthorne. He told me about the alley across from the parking lot where a young girl had been raped recently. All within a short walk from his apartment. As we walked back to his apartment, he showed me the area where Queeny had been attacked by two pit bulls less than a month ago. Thankfully, both Queeny and Edgar were not injured but the dogs were taken to the shelter and have probably been euthanized since this wasn’t their first time out of the street, threatening public safety. Edgar knows their owner. According to Edgar, they are not bad dogs but they got unlucky and had a really bad neglectful owner. 

Edgar and Queenie supporting Downtown Dog Rescue 
“Team Clancy” in STRUT YOUR MUTT 2010
I truly believe that in most cases where a pit bull or really any loose dog attacks a person or another dog there is a bad owner. I’m not referring to accidents where someone lost control of their leash, Edgar had two loose dogs jump on top of his little Queeny and try to tear her apart. I wasn’t on the street long to notice, everyone that passed by us had a pit bull and I can’t say that everyone looked like they had the best intentions for their dogs. 

Edgar has truly taken the lead on our Hawthorne dog clinic. He has already met with the animal control officer who is 100% for the idea of bringing more spay/neuter services to Hawthorne. […]