Join us Sunday “STAND UP FOR PITS”

Stand up for pits

Coming out to Stand Up For Pits on Sunday at the Hollywood Improv?? Don’t forget to bring your new or used items for our first-ever SHELTER DONATION DRIVE! All in-kind donations will be distributed to the homeless animals of the South LA Animal Shelter, to provide them with much-needed comfort and enrichment. We will provide a curbside drop-off at the event for your convenience. The more the merrier!

Scout finds her forever home


If you have followed our Facebook page, you would have read Milt’s amazing story, going from living under a freeway overpass for nearly two decades with his dog family to living in a home for the first time in his life. A dog lover all his life, Milt befriended and cared for many stray and abandoned dogs while he was homeless. Raised as a foster child, he had been homeless since he was 13 years old. Now in his sixties, thanks to the assistance of an Los Angeles County Sheriff and DDR volunteers Sandy and her husband Burt, Milt has an apartment that he shares with his dog named “Mama”.
Sandy found the apartment through a Compton Dog Clinic Client, Frank and his wife Annette who both wanted to help find a home for Milt and his dog. Good news! Milt’s other dogs all found loving forever homes, quickly but one dog, “Baby”. really captured all of the DDR volunteers’ hearts. She was very shy when Milt found her and started to care for her. For Baby, Milt’s “home” under the freeway was likely the only home she had ever known. According to Milt he named her Baby because his dog Mama loved her as did the rest of his dogs. When Milt was forced to leave his spot under the freeway, Baby came to the DDR kennel where she was very shut down. Our volunteers all spent time with her, socializing this sweet but shy dog.                                                                                              Scout2

Scout3 (Katie hiking with Scout)
Fast forward a month, Katie met Baby at the NKLA Adoption Center, where DDR leases three dog runs, and she fell in love with this special dog. Katie decided to adopt Baby, renaming her Scout.

We just received an update from Katie, Scout is still shy but is a sweet dog who is experiencing more new things every day. Katie feels fortunate to have adopted Scout and judging by these photos, we think for Scout, the feeling is mutual.

Thank You Jackson Galaxy for Helping Us Raise Over $1,500

We were very fortunate to be chosen as cat behavior expert Jackson Galaxy’s Shelter of the Month. Jackson donated $10 of every fundraising t-shirt sold in the month of February to Downtown Dog Rescue.


There are multiple factors of success during these types of fundraisers, none more important than contributing to the fee’s associated with Bebe’s eye surgery which has enabled him to see for the first time in his life! Last week, Bebe went from having a condition called hypermature cataracts that left him blind at 5 years old to being able to see. We rescued him through our South LA Shelter Intervention Program and quickly discovered that he was a special dog who needed a very expensive surgery. Thanks to all of you who donated, and to Jackson Galaxy for singling us out as a worthy rescue to raise money for.


Announcing The 2014 Clancy The Underdog Award Winner

ClancyOn February 23, 2013, our DDR mascot, Clancy made his transition into heaven, may he rest in peace. To honor his spirit, we are honoring one outstanding college bound student who exemplifies the term “underdog.”

The winner of the 2014 Clancy the Underdog Award is Sonia Martinon!

Despite many challenges Sonia has faced, she has continued to study and work hard, and has been accepted to Cal State Los Angeles University where she plans to study courses related to becoming a social worker.  On March 28th, we will be honoring Sonia by hosting a luncheon at her school and presenting her with a new MacBook Pro computer, which was anonymously donated. Classmates, friends and family will all be present to watch Sonia accept the 2014 Clancy Underdog Award.

We first met Sonia through her teacher, Bernice Orsoto, who leads the Students for Animals Rights Education and Advocacy at Aspire Academy in Huntington Park. This group of young people has volunteered at various community events we have organized in South LA. To learn more about SAREA visit

Young people are our future. Knowing that students like Sonia are so passionate about animal welfare and empowering families in underserved communities gives us all so much hope for a bright future. To learn more about Clancy and my amazing journey with him visit

Please take the time to read Sonia’s winning essay below, and f you would like to assist a student in need, please get in contact with Ms. Orsorto.

If you would like to join me and all the people who love and support Sonia, please RSVP.


SoniaMy name is Sonia Martinon and I am from Huntington Park, California. Growing up in Huntington Park was a struggle- not being able to have everything that I wanted; I learned to appreciate the little I had even though both of my parents worked day and night. Everything seemed to be a perfect world for me, because I was satisfied to have the little my parents offered me. One day my mom went to the doctors to get her annual physical test and they noticed that something started to go wrong with her health. My mother’s hands started to deteriorate due to her health. Eventually my mother was fired from her job and everything started to change in my family. My family and I started to notice how much it was affecting everyone the way we had to limit the things we wanted to and to be happy with the things we had. My dad has always done everything he can, so he pushed himself to work night and day to get us everything that was in his hands. We started to notice that my mom’s health was not improving at all […]