Christmas in Compton toy drive was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who donated toys or time to making our annual Christimas in Compton Toy Drive another HUGE SUCCESS! Every child who came to our event went home with at least one new toy and book, as well as lots of goodies. For many of these children, this was their only special toy. For all of these children, it was fun family time, with their mom dad, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers and cousins, too. Whole families waited in line as early as 8:00AM despite our event starting at 11:00AM! The arts and crafts station was a hit, as were other activities such as dancing, cookie decorating, and the BARK therapy dogs to read with. Plenty of cookies and candies were eaten and prizes were won, but the highlight of our event was none other than Santa Claus. He arrived just before noon, eager to bring more holiday cheer.

Approximately 200 children attended our family event. So why do we, a dog rescue, host a toy giveaway?
Because our work does not stop at the dog. It includes the entire family. And this drive was not about the toys. It was about promoting reading and compassion for others, especially for animals. We were able to provide children an opportunity to pet well-mannered dogs and spend time with people who love and rescue animals, an experience very different than what many of them know.

We wrapped up at 2:00PM tired and happy, however while we were getting ready to leave, we learned from one of the kids that a kitten had gotten stuck in a tire! Thanks to Amanda who got under the car and was able to get the injured, scared kitty out of an engine, he was saved from further harm. And thanks to Aura, he now has a loving foster home. It was the perfect way to end our event, watching the kids see compassion for animals in action. To give them presents was incredibly nice; to give them an animal rescue experience they could be proud of was priceless.