Get Ready for GIVING TUESDAY November 25th

If 1000 Downtown Dog Rescue Supporters donate $10 each, you can help us reach our goal of raising $10,000! 

When you donate at least $10, you are part of the positive change happening at the South LA Shelter, where families like Angie and her daughter, who needed help paying a pet deposit so that “Barley” could stay in his home, with his family, instead of being surrendered to the shelter.

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Most of the families that we meet do not want to surrender their pet. In fact, most have tried everything they know, to keep their pet out of the shelter. Poverty is the main reason thousands of pet owners that we have assisted, consider surrendering their pet to the South LA Shelter.

Downtown Dog Rescue pays for medical treatment, pet deposits, pays for dog licenses, offers free weekly dog training classes in Compton and sponsored more than 10,000 free spay/neuter surgeries, for dog and cats living in some of the most under served communities in Los Angeles County.

NOVEMBER 254th is GIVING TUESDAY  We need you and 999 other supporters to donate at least $10 to help us reach our goal.  Click here to donate