Looking for a forever home

TippyThe phrase looking for a forever home usually refers to a homeless pet but in this case, it’s a homeless family.  Tippy, a 10 year old Lab mix has a family who loves him so much, they decided to live in their car instead of surrendering him to the East Valley Shelter.  We met Nicole, her daughter and Tippy when they came to the shelter for resources.  Two weeks ago, we asked for help raising funds to get this family of three out of their car and into the Motel 6 where they are still living in Sylmar.  We raised enough money to sponsor their stay until April 15th.

With a budget of $900-$1000 a month to spend on rent, it would seem that there should be a one bedroom apartment available in the Van Nuys area that she could rent that would also accept Tippy with a pet deposit, which we have offered to pay, but it’s not that easy.  A year ago Nicole had cancer, she had to stop working and her credit was ruined.  This makes it very difficult to find an apartment when a potential landlord sees her FICO score.  So how does someone that is currently homeless move into housing?  With a lot of help.


Earlier this week, we wrote Nicole a letter of recommendation, making a perspective landlord aware that Tippy was neutered, up to date on vaccinations, a calm dog who was being sponsored by our organization and making it known, we would pay a pet deposit, should it be required if they would give Nicole a chance.  Searching for an apartment is a challenge, with the weather being very warm, Tippy couldn’t stay in the car while she went to see apartments.  Motel 6 has a policy that while they are pet friendly, they do not allow dogs to remain inside a room without their owner.  We paid to have Tippy boarded for a few days, we paid to have him groomed and she was able to apply for several apartments.  So far not luck.

Can you help us help this little family?  Do you know of an apartment in the San Fernando Valley that they can call home?  Call 818-407-4145 and leave us a message or email me at loriweise@gmail.com