LORI’s CORNER: Recognizing Excellence! Congratulations!

Lori & DDR are very happy for you!
From the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services:

Animal Control Officer Recognized
By the Los Angeles City Association of Black Personnel

Photo attached of Shatana with Animal Care Technician Rodney Bingley who nominated her for the 2011 Trailblazers Award.

For the first time in the organization’s history, the Los Angeles City Association of Black Personnel has selected an Animal Control Officer as one of six outstanding Los Angeles City employees recently honored. Animal Control Officer Shatana Bacon joined five other City employees who received the 2011 Trailblazers Award for their contributions to the advancement of African Americans in city government.

Shatana was born in Los Angeles and graduated from Susan Miller Dorsey High School. She began her college studies at California State University, Los Angeles and then transferred to Cal Poly, Pomona, where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. Shatana then earned her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Shatana has been with the department for 5 1/2 years. She is married and has a one year old son, Clay.

Shatana is a solid officer who consistently and capably completes her responsibilities each month. She is focused and observant in recognizing potential animal abuse and neglect cases. She is compassionate and caring with a history of rescuing abused animals and those living in deplorable situations. She is an excellent communicator and mediator whether she is called on to speak in barking dog meetings, or to testify as a Department representative in dangerous animal hearings.

“I am so proud that Shatana was selected by the Los Angeles City Association of Black Personnel for this honor,” said General Manager Brenda Barnette. “It was a pleasure to be there to celebrate her service. We are proud to have Shatana as an important member of our Los Angeles Animal Services family.”