PITStop Community Assist: Pit Bull mix Shar-pei 8 year old female Seeking a good home

Big head, chubby cheeks, short haired, rusty gold colored coat with matching gold eyes and a face to so irresistible, has a big heart a bundle of fun, love and joy and everyone that she comes in contact.

Listens to the basic commands such as sit, stay, lay down, go outside etc.. she is potty trained, does not jump on people unless you ask for a hug.

She loves food but eats gracefully and is even polite about that! Just an overall no complaint kind of good loyal, smart, mellow, loving dog with an amazing attitude!

Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix Shar-pei
Sex: Female
Name: China
Age: approx 7 Adult
Size: approx 65Lbs
Color: Rustic Gold
Eyes: Yellow Gold
Very obedient
Spayed and neutered
People friendly, loves people, and only people!
Not dog friendly, prefers humans only
Very mellow in general
unconditional love
expressive dog

Regrettably ,

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