MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A WONDERFUL 2011 to all our friends, family and supporters!!! -From DDR founder Lori Weise, volunteers and of course dogs!!!!!
Dear Friends of Downtown Dog Rescue, 
As we close out 2010 we want to thank you for your involvement in the last year; a commitment that is clear through your volunteerism and/or financial support. 
We prepare for 2011 with anticipation, knowing that there are communities and concerned citizens like you supporting our various programs to help keep dogs from entering the shelter system; to continue changing community perceptions about the benefits of spay/neuter programs—and to continue saving lives in the process.
In 2010, our Compton Community Dog Clinic spayed/neutered over 700 dogs out of one park! Imagine the impact that this will have on the number of unwanted dogs entering the shelter. DDR is the only humane organization that offers free spay/neuter services on a regular basis to dog owners in the South East county area, such as Lynwood, South Gate, Paramount, and of course Compton, targeting pit bulls and other large breed dogs. (Photos from our Compton Clinic below)

We’re together in a powerful endeavor
In today’s financial climate, knowing that shelter surrender numbers in underserved communities are at an all time high is—quite honestly—difficult. But we’re in this together. We are choosing not to see this community problem as a burden, but to take it on as a challenge —and to succeed in helping various communities become responsible and knowledgeable dog owners.
So—despite the odds—our plan is to continue moving forward by continuing to expand life saving programs such as Operation Safety Net, which assists dog owners keep their dogs out of shelters. We pay for spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, dog licenses, impound fees to get dogs out of shelters, repair fences that a dog might be escaping out of, build dog runs and pay for minor medical expenses that a homeless or low income dog owner may surrender their dog to the shelter to just because they can’t afford the expense. We take over 100 calls per week from dog owners in South the South Los Angeles, Compton and South East County areas.

Rescue Dogs – Downtown Dog Rescue Kennel DDR is not a pit bull rescue but we do rescue primarily pit bull type dogs because this is the breed that needs our help the most. In 2010, we participated in rescuing over 50 dogs from an animal cruelty case, partnering with other rescues to save these dogs from entering the South LA shelter! Dogs like Amanda, Pepper and Charlie would have little chance of being rescued had they entered the shelter.

Coliseum Dog Class Every Sunday, we offer a free training class which promotes socialization and teaches dog owners urban walking and agility skills, primarily for pit bulls. This class is often the last stop for dog aggressive dogs who have been kicked out of other classes, have an owner who is considering surrendering their dog to the shelter or euthanizing the dog. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend this free class. We often have 30-40 dogs walking with me and Clancy!

Launching the Free Community Spay/Neuter Program into the New Year
Of course at year-end, your special gift will give us a significant boost as we close out the year and set our course for 2011. If this is possible for you, we would appreciate your remembering our newly expanded Compton Community Dog Clinic; our goal will be to offer over 1000 free surgeries in 2011.
Please give online at Every gift is appreciated, and every gift makes a difference in our goal to provide positive change in the lives of dogs and people in underserved communities.

With the holidays upon us, there is so much to be thankful for. We’re thankful for you and your heart for this rescue. It is—to be sure—an encouragement. In the days ahead I look forward to sharing with you how through your gifts we are truly changing communities, saving lives—and in our corner of the world—creating a more humane culture in the communities that we serve!
Thank you for your support!
Lori Weise
Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially where the welfare of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict upon our soul when we look the other way.”– Dr. M. L. King Jr