The Dog Film Festival is coming to town, and we are beneficiaries!

Please consider this your exclusive invite to the Dog Film Festival, coming to Los Angeles in just three weeks! It will be a weekend of unique, like-minded joy.

For starters, on Saturday, June 4th, there’s a “pooch party,” which will be an afternoon tea party on the tented roof at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. We, along with the Lange Foundation, are beneficiaries on all ticket sales!  Then the next night, June the 5th, is a BYOD celebration — Bring-Your-Own-Dog! The Dog Film Festival is the first film festival entirely for, by, and about dogs… and their people. To find out more and get your tickets for these awesome events, please click here!

We hope to see you for this fun-filled, good-willed, canine-billed weekend! Thank you for supporting art that centers around animals, and thank you as always for supporting us.

LA Pooch Party Invite Final