1st Picks for 2nd Chances – Meet Rudy!

Hello to Rudy! Rudy is a sweet, 2-year-old America Staffordshire Terrier mix who weighs 70 lbs. He is a sweet, special dog that is best suited for a simple, quiet life. Adopted as a puppy, his previous owners wanted a dog who could go to doggy daycare and dog parks, but Rudy ended up not being a very good match for that. He’s been waiting patiently ever since for the “right” family to come along.

A peaceful home with a yard and someone who doesn’t leave for long periods of time would be Rudy’s ideal. He doesn’t need to play with other dogs or go on long walks as these activities make him over-stimulated and anxious at times. He is super friendly with people, and good with children. His foster family says, “Rudy is perfectly content laying quietly by your side or lounging in the sun all day!”  He would rather sit with you on a patch of grass than be the social butterfly of the neighborhood. So if you’re looking for a lovable four-legged friend who can keep you company at home and be your best buddy, look no further – Rudy is just the dog for you!

As DDR the rescue group, we’re all about second chances. We believe animals deserve a second chance, and we stand by each of our rescue dogs. They’re all worthy souls living up to their potentials, some getting there easier and quicker than others.

And yet there are a few dogs that stand out because they have unique needs, because they’ve been with us so long, or because they’ve been waiting waiting waiting for a family to call their own. Rudy’s story is the third of our four-part series called 1st Picks for 2nd Chances. We sincerely hope you will read these tales, share them widely, and open your hearts. Who knows – maybe even consider opening your home if you’re the rRudy2ight fit! Whoever adopts one of these dogs will get free boarding at the DDR kennel whenever traveling, as well as a lifetime of support, spanning from dog training to assistance with medical care.

Rudy is house-trained, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Currently living in a foster home with other dogs, he is doing well, but would prefer to be your one and only. To learn more about Rudy, please click here! And don’t forget to share his story with your friends, family, and coworkers! We just know his perfect match is out there waiting to meet him. Thank you for helping us make it possible for them to find each other.

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