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Downtown Dog Rescue was granted its nonprofit status in 2014. However the organization has been serving the pets and people of Skid Row, Compton, and South Los Angeles since 1996 under the fiscal sponsorship of Friends for Animals. From the beginning, and for nearly twenty years, DDR programs have been delivered at or under budget, servicing the neediest communities and their animals.

DDR has delivered unique and powerful support programs, never shying away from emergency cases or from those in dire need. And yet our team has to make tough decisions everyday to take on only those cases, which we can afford. When a family is assisted, we offer all that we can. When a dog is accepted into our rescue, it’s a commitment to caring for that dog, whatever comes. We are proud to own our Second Chance Kennels outright, and while we don’t put dollar figures on the families and animals that we help, we do our best to provide optimal individualized care economically.

A commitment to our donor and the community we serve

Our work is increasingly focused on addressing issues of poverty and financial independence. We recognize the cycle of hardship and wish to encourage change, both benefitting animals and the people who care about them. We understand the unforeseen pressures and circumstances that may fall on families, and do not wish to blame them, rather to offer meaningful, cohesive solutions. With this understanding, it would be shortsighted for our organization to operate in a way that was not financially responsible. We do not overextend our resources. We do all that we can with what we have.

DDR is committed to financial prudence and to making the most of each donor dollar that is invested in our programs. We go into the communities where nobody wants to go. We extend a hand where others recoil. We believe in responding intuitively and instinctually to create effective measures that will keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes.

It is our sincere hope that you will peruse our website and consider our programs as worthy of your generous support. We are making a difference each day on the ground, paw by paw. We appreciate your support.

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