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Street Outreach

Since the founding of DDR, our team has focused on increasing access to veterinary care and providing pet support and resources for unhoused individuals and families with pets living on the street, in vehicles, and in shelters. Our dedicated outreach team meets people where they are at to decrease barriers of properly caring for their pet. In addition to providing pet support, our outreach team focuses on building and fostering relationships and trust with our community. Checking in with community members means more than “getting free stuff”, all of our counselors are there to support the pet owners just as much as their pets.

All of the services that we offer, we offer in a manner of trauma informed care. Always remembering that many factors impact our clients’ lives, and lead to stress; uncertainty, lack of information, and a loss of control. By explaining options, offering choices, taking time to explain the information helps our clients feel more in control of their pets’ lives and in turn their own lives. In addition to promoting healthy pets, the benefits of spay and neuter, our goal is to always help our clients see that they have options, they have our ongoing support because we all need help sometimes.

Our outreach areas include Skid Row down to Compton including what we call “The Alameda Project” located in an industrial area where Florence & Firestone intersects with Watts. For blocks there are homeless people living in RVs, some running, others are more of a shell for the resident and their pet to live in. While others live in makeshift tents made of pallets and other abandoned building materials. This is definitely a place where no one should live, yet too many call home. It’s a dangerous existence for both the pets and the people who love them.

 Some people may be suspicious at first, but when they have conversations and understand what we offer, many are grateful for the support and resources. Consistency of our support is key when maintaining community relationships with those that are consistently overlooked. Bringing resources and services offers hope to those who believe that they have been forgotten about by society. One person at a time, one pet at a time, one day at time, we move forward.

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