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 Shelter Intervention Program (SIP)

What is Shelter Intervention?

The first Shelter Intervention Program (SIP) was launched in 2013 at the South Los Angeles Shelter, and was founded on the idea that pet overpopulation and euthanasia in shelters is not a pet problem; it’s a poverty problem. With the homelessness and affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles growing, many residents believe pet relinquishment is their only option. Others may not be able to afford the reclaim fee, and some simply do not know help is available. SIP works to provide resources that allow people and pets to stay together, thereby, reducing shelter intake numbers.

SIP Services

In partnership with L.A. Animal Services, our counselors evaluate each situation with compassion, working with low income families, to develop customized solutions and alternatives to keep pets and people together. SIP saves lives by providing:

  • Access to low cost to free veterinary care
  • Assistance with fees, licensing and fines
  • Basic needs such as food, and veterinary care
  • Fencing installation repairs and providing doghouses

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What are the most common solutions/services provided by SIP?

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