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Community Pet Clinics

Since 2006, we have been offering FREE spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-worming, microchipping, flea/tick control and other health services for dogs and cats of low-income families with pets every month. In partnership with Spay4LA, ASPCA and Southern California Veterinarian Medical Association (SCVMA), these grassroots, monthly clinics are more than a service ~ it’s a lifesaving community. On average, we sponsor 75 spay/neuters per month and vaccinate 250 community pets each month. With so many dogs sterilized, the number of unwanted puppies being born and entering the shelters is exponentially reduced, and the spread of diseases like Distemper and Parvo are more controlled.

While the clinics primarily provide services, Founder Lori Weise and DDR’s counselors have become part of the community by building relationships based on trust and compassion. Many past clients and families come by just to say hello and reconnect. “I’ve watched kids grow up, puppies become healthy, happy, adult dogs and have made lifelong friends. It’s all about the people, and when they’re ready, we’ll be here, just like we have been for 12 years,” says Weise.

Cat Box Clinic

Because we have so many low income people in need of basic veterinary care for their pet cats, we created our “Cat Box Clinic”, which is a clinic in a rented contractor’s office. The goal of our Cat Box Clinic is to increase access to veterinary care for pet cats of low income families with pets. We see patients one evening per month by appointment only.  No emergencies, no surgeries, however, we focus on treating chronic suffering from skin and ear infections, conditions like mange or ringworm, to illnesses like upper respiratory infections. We offer vaccinations and microchipping, as well as health exams.

All services will be provided on a sliding scale from free to low cost, by donations from the families who use our services.  Whether they can afford to donate $1 or $20, no one will be turned away due to a lack of ability to pay for care.  This clinic is a small step towards potentially scaling the clinic up to multiple locations and / or offering more extensive services to people with pet cats who live in the South Los Angeles area.  Currently, we do not have a grant or a major funder for this pilot project.  We will rely on the community to support us, and YOU, who is committed to systemic change for people with pets.  Please consider making a donation today!

Do you have a pet cat that needs care for general health issues? Fill our out Cat Box Clinic survey to see if you qualify for services.

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