Cecelia & Chocolate find a place to call home

We first met Cecelia W. and her beloved 4.5 year old dog named Chocolate, when she visited our Pet Resource Center on a Wednesday at Inner City Law Center. Our counselors learned that she had rescued Chocolate when she was only 3.5 weeks old, had bottle fed her, and always found a way to somehow provide for this beautiful dog.

When Chocolate was just a puppy, Cecelia was able to hide her from her landlord, but as she got bigger, she realized that she would need to move because there was a no pet policy at her apartment complex. Taking Chocolate to a shelter, or giving her away was never an option. As she worked during the day as a waitress and even working a pastime job at a car wash to make a living, she used all of her tips to pay for doggy daycare so Chocolate could be safe while she worked.

Sadly, Cecelia and Chocolate became homeless, living in a Santa Monica shelter for awhile, until the shelter cracked down on pets, and she moved to Skid Row. Living on the streets of Skid Row is a hard life for anyone, but especially for a woman. She credits the C3 Team with saving her life about 7 weeks ago. They were able to find her a place to move with Chocolate. We often work with the amazing C3 outreach team when someone experiencing homelessness has a pet.

Chocolate is her everything, and she would dog anything to keep her safe and healthy. We have been helping Cecelia with Chocolate’s health care for a couple months because our veterinarian diagnosed her as having early stages of kidney failure. She is comfortable now, needs to lose some weight, and is on special diet. This is where YOU, reading this blog post can help this pair directly.

We are looking for one sponsor to buy Chocolate’s special dog food each month, on an ongoing basis. Here is the link to the type of food she needs https://www.chewy.com/blue-buffalo-basics-limited/dp/37040

Let us know if you can help. We need just one special person to make this monthly donation commitment!

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