Daisy Wants A Home. We Need Your Help To Give Her One.


“THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!” That’s what we tell ourselves and each other, and what we believe good animal rescue requires. Daisy is a Think-Outside-The-Box case, and with no other ideas for how to give her the home she most deserves, we thought we could share her story with you and humbly ask for your help.

There are countless ways to help a dog in need. Many of you have pets, and many of you might not be able to adopt a DDR dog straight out…but you can still help us. You can still help Daisy.

Do you know someone who says, “I wish I could have a dog but I work long hours and don’t have time?” Sure there are the dogs who need more; just like no two people are exactly alike, every dog is unique, too. But Daisy is not one of these dogs. Some pups, like her, are very happy having a house, maybe a yard or walk a day, and are completely content being home alone. Some dogs, like her, are fine with knowing their person will be around in the evening, eager to hang out by their feet and watch TV. Some dogs, like Daisy, find the outside world very stressful and could care less about being out and about. They just want to be safe and secure.

Daisy is 3 and a half years old, 62 pounds and beautiful. She is healthy, loyal and well-behaved. She is not destructive, does not dig. She’s a loving girl who would be content being outside during the day, sunbathing and watching squirrels, and then go inside the house at night, cozy and keeping you company.

So we’re asking you to please think about it. Who do you know? Who have you not have considered that might be able to offer a great life for a dog like Daisy? When you think outside the box, does anybody special come to mind? Here is a video for you to watch and share, along with the link to her profile page.

We won’t give up on her. We know her home is out there. But sometimes the reach must be widened as we humbly ask you to help us help this special girl. Thank you for helping Daisy find her loving home.

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