PITStop Community Assist: DIESEL

REMEMBER EMMA? Well, here’s her twin DIESEL!!!! Let’s help CUTE DIESEL’S current guardian find him a new home! They are moving back to the UK, and there is a breed ban there for pitbulls.

Thank you to our DDR Volunteer Linda Bruce for this COMMUNITY ASSIST and helping spread the word about Diesel!

Sex: Male
Age: ~3 Yrs
Breed: Pitbull
Location Found: San Gabriel Mountains

The mission…should you choose to accept it…is to help find a FOREVER HOME for Diesel. The following pages contain photos and pertinent information that will hopefully allow us to find Diesel a loving home.
Thank you to anyone willing to help me out. He is a great dog that needs lots of love, attention, discipline, snuggles, and exercise.

We have been fostering a pitbull for a year and a half. We have had him since December 28th, 2008. We are still trying to find him a home! We are desperate! My husband just moved to Oxford, England to start a PhD program and I’m supposed to follow ASAP. We are not allowed to take a pitbull into the UK.

I desperately want to find him a good home but time is running short.
Please! help! I love the poor guy but I’m running out of ideas…
I refuse to take him to the pound!

My husband was followed home by a pit (we have since named him, Diesel) on a hike. He had a collar on but no tag. My husband took him home because he’d followed him a mile and a half in the mountains and was exhausted and thirsty. We think someone dumped him up there… Long story short he had no microchip and nobody has inquired at the pound or on “LOST” posters. He’s really sweet and cuddly, gets along with our other dog, Nissa.

Diesel has had his vaccinations and we have
had him neutered and microchipped since finding him.
Diesel is potty trained and we’ve worked on crate training him as well. At first he wouldn’t go in the crate unless we shoved him in…now he is sometimes willing go in…sometimes we have to coax him. Lately, he has been out with me most of the time as my husband and other pets have moved to the UK.
Loving, loyal, handsome, snuggly, energetic


A patient, loving, firm family!

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