SOUTH LA SHELTER RESCUE ME SPOTLIGHT: Doe, Ray & Mee A1103207, 208 and 209

ONCE A SEPTET. NOW A TRIO. (all on alert)
DOE : A1103207 Initially shy but quickly becomes a little scoundrel. Stole treats out of my back pocket and scattered them on the grass for her sister and brother to enjoy. What fun they had after that!

RAY : 1103209 Ray is the super shy guy. Though the biggest of the bunch, he found a way to sneak off into the bushes and hide. His eyes are pleading for another chance.

MEE : 1103208 It’s definitely all about Mee. She’s the star of the show — though she will run and hide her big sister for protection until she’s ready to take the spotlight. Then, it’s non-stop entertainment.

Doe, Ray and Mee were part of a septet of evidence dogs that were quarantined for biting. These puppies — just 3 months old when they arrived at the shelter (now nearly 4)– were released — obviously not under suspicion. They are utterly charming, having a smidgen of timidity mixed and stirred with a gallon of of love that they are waiting to give. The timing is right for their audition. They want to forget their past and, with your help, have a fantabulous future.

If they touch your heart, call the South L.A. shelter at (213) 485-0117 or (213) 485- 0119. And kindly let us know that you are the lucky one(s) who will be singing and playing with them forevermore.

Many thanks,
Andrea & Mindy
(323) 363-4909

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