1,977 Pets Receive Services in the Third Quarter

We want to share our progress with you. Here is our third quarter update (July-August-September)

A total of 1,977 pets (Dogs = 1185 + Cats = 792) received the following services through our Pet Support Space office, Drive Thru Community Pet Clinics, Pet Resource Center for the Skid Row Community, and two mobile spay/neuter clinics:

DDR paid a shelter redemption fees on behalf of a homeless/low income pet owner = 14

We continue to sponsor humane euthanasia for senior, terminally ill pets at the end of their lives. By covering the cost for this service, we prevent suffering of the pet and the owner, who often feels ashamed at not being able to help their pet at the end of life situations. = 13

Veterinary care costs continue to be the most important part of our mission. In the third quarter, we paid partial to full payment for everything from vaccinations, microchips, wellness exams, cases where the pet has an ongoing medical condition that left untreated results in daily suffering, to complicated life saving surgeries. = 940

Thanks to the cooperation from H.E.A.R.T., our counselors were able to provide access to pro bono legal services that enabled their pet to remain in their home, or move into transitional living with their owner. = 12

COVID certainly increased the number of pet owners who need access to monthly food and supplies. However, more than 35% of the pets in our food program, continue to rely on our support for the pet’s lifetime. In addition to food, we supply crates, X-pens, leashes, collars, and beds. Often, there is a requirement from a housing program that the pet owner is not able to afford, but through our Pet Support Space, any item that is required is provided. = 337

To be in our program, we require all pets to be spayed or neutered when they are old enough/healthy enough to go through surgery. The requests for spay/neuter far out number the available appointments we have access to. Thanks to the ASPCA spay/neuter clinic and working closely with Spay4LA, we were able to provide surgeries for 661 pets.

Thanks to all of YOU who continue to support of mission of providing compassionate care to pets who belong to people experiencing homelessness and low income families. We are dedicated to serving the most vulnerable populations of pet owners.

Your donation does make a difference!


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