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Stories from the Downtown Dog Rescue Pet Support Space in South Los Angeles

Sindel after surgery

5 year old Sindel’s person, who is a return client of the Pet Support Space, called our office asking for assistance in getting him into a hospital to get his abscessed painful toe examined. Thankful, one of our counselors was able to book Sindel an immediate appointment, and the results were serious.  The infection had become so bad, that he required surgery and a drain was inserted to drain out his infection.  With our discounted rate, the charges for exam, medication, and surgery came to a total of $490.  Sindel’s person was able to pay for half of the cost of care, and DDR paid the balance.

Sweet Mimi – terminally ill

Mimi’s person has been a client of our Pet Support Space since we opened our office last year.  For the past two months, Mimi’s health has been declining.  We sent Mimi to a partner animal hospital for an exam because she had difficulty breathing. Because of the ongoing relationship with our counselors, we were able to have a compassionate conversation about quality of life.  After speaking to the veterinarian, getting more information, Mimi’s person decided that humane euthanasia was the most loving option. Can you imagine watching your pet suffer, knowing that your pet needs veterinarian care, but you can’t afford to pay for an exam?  Mimi’s owner called our office, and thanked our counselors for their help and ongoing support.  Our Pet Support Clients are never alone, especially during end of life decisions.  We have counselors responding to calls for help seven days a week, sometimes, day and night.

Puppy Canelo

Four month old Canelo’s owner called our Pet Support Space office asking for help because Canelo had been vomiting, and had diarrhea. A medical voucher was written for a same day appointment at a partner animal hospital, where he was diagnosed with Parvo.  DDR paid the cost of care, and hopefully, little Canelo will make a full recovery very soon.

No animal or person should have to suffer because of the cost of veterinary care. With more than 600 cases per month, our three Pet Support Space counselors and volunteers are there for low income families with pets, often in their darkest moment.  For others, a monthly food supply, or vaccines, flea & tick prevention, and wellness care to keep more pets in their first home forever home.  Thousands of pets and their families are grateful to YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Can you help us reach our Fall Fundraising goal?  The Saving Pets Challenge ends September 30th.

The Saving Pets Challenge ends September 30th

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