Thank you to the ASPCA!

We are so grateful to the ASPCA for supporting our work! Thanks to their generous grant, we were able to provide free services to 625 cats and dogs over the course of six months. Spending a total of $62,088.64, our average expense was $99.34 per pet.

The total of 580 dogs and 45 cats we helped received a variety of different free services such as: spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchipping, de-worming medication, treatment for mange, and treatment for ear, eye or skin infections. Dental work (including pulling infected, painful teeth) was also carried out, as were X-rays and blood work, mostly for the senior dogs we helped. Some of the animals we saw were having seizures or had chronic arthritis, others had bladder infections or tumors needing removal. Lastly, there were a few senior dogs at the end of their lives and suffering; we paid for their humane euthanasia.

Helping families who need us is our pride and joy. There was one requirement in order to receive the free services however: pets had to be spayed and neutered or pet owners had to agree to get their pets spayed and neutered if they weren’t already (a cost we also covered.) Our work focused on Compton, Lynwood, Maywood, Huntington Park, Cudahy, South Gate, Bell, Bell Gardens and part of South LA. Pet owners there were low income or living on a fixed income, and many were on disability or were senior citizens who had no means to pay for what their pets needed.

Partner veterinarians donated their expertise. We also issued vouchers and worked with mobile clinics, stationing them at East Rancho Dominguez Park in Compton on a monthly basis. We witnessed happy tears and heard excited cries by pet owners so relieved to give their pets the medical care they desperately required for a healthier and happier life. Several people had lost hope and thought their pet might die. Can you imagine the comfort they experienced when they learned there was another option?

But none of this work would have been possible without the ongoing support from the ASPCA. We appreciate them and their generous grant more than we can express, for they allowed us to provide these communities with attention, compassion, and assistance. We look forward to doing more, and to sharing all that we have to be grateful for.

Our first successful Pet Resource Center clinic!

Pet Resource Center clinic 1This past Saturday we had our first Pet Resource Center mobile spay and neuter clinic, which focused on serving Skid Row Community pets. By partnering with Spay4LA and LA Animal Services, the wonderful Dr. Anderson performed 13 spay and neuter surgeries on various cats and dogs. We were happy to see a lot of familiar faces, as well as meet new pet owners who needed to get a kitten or puppy vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. There were also pets already spayed and neutered who were in need of basic wellness exams or a thorough check of their skin and ears. All of the dogs we treated were licensed, many for the first time, and a few updated for up to three years.

How would we ever be able to carry out such a smooth, successful event without the support of so many? Our amazing volunteers passed out pet food, dog beds, pet carriers, collars and leashes. Everybody enjoyed lunch and snacks, then went home with a Little Pine hoody Pet Resource Center clinic 2sweatshirt thanks to a donation from Moby. We especially want to thank Inner City Law employee, Neri, who was in the office and ready to help us during the day, all day. Inner City Law Center allowed us to set up our clinic in the back of their parking lot, and the city of LA created a street closure for us! On top of it all, LA Animal Services provided us with an officer to issue licenses and vouchers, and Spay4LA staff made it possible to serve this community which lacks necessary services. We could not do it without these compassionate hearts.

A special thank you goes out to volunteers Burt and Sandy Dragotis who picked up and dropped off many of our pets and pet owners, going the extra mile (figuratively and literally!) to help families and pets in need. And finally, a special thanks to all of YOU. You, our friends and fans and core. You, who purchased items off our Amazon Wish List, allowing the Skid Row community to feel just a little more kindness. Every item we received from you was passed on to them. You, who keep us going and keep us strong. We look forward to many more Pet Resource Center clinics in 2017!

Another successful clinic

Please don’t doubt how much of an impact you can make one day, in one way. On a lovely Sunday morning several weeks ago, in the middle of Gilbert Lindsay Park, 163 dogs and a few cats were vaccinated, microchipped, given flea and tick medication, and examined by volunteer vets, all at one of our free clinics.

We’ve been doing regular clinics at this park since June of 2015, and have literally watched puppies grow into healthy dogs before our eyes. Puppies who had come to our first clinics of the year are now spayed/neutered and fully vaccinated. For many of the families we have served, learning about the importance of vaccines as well as getting their dog microchipped and sterilized, is the beginning of setting their pets on the right path for life.

This clinic also brought about many new cases. New puppies were dewormed for the first time, and new clients got to know us. Some people came with specific health care concerns, like Maria who brought her two senior Chihuahuas, both already spayed/neutered and vaccinated, but who had problems chewing their food. After a volunteer vet examined their teeth, he discovered severe placque build up and several painful, rotting teeth. Maria knew her dogs needed dental care, but spending the majority of her income on rent and barely getting by, there was never money left over for her dogs to get it. We find this type of situation happens often. People know their pets need to see a vet, and yet they can’t afford it. It’s not that they don’t care; it’s that they don’t know where to find free or low costs resources, and in many cases, the options don’t exist. We work hard to be the resource they’ve been looking for. We work hard to be the option they need.


For Maria, we paid to have both of her dogs’ mouths cleaned and any bad teeth pulled. The Chihuahuas were also given a full senior blood panel. Maria was over the moon grateful for the assistance, but we were over the moon grateful, too. After all, we got to provide it. We got to be a part of offering a necessary service, to fill a gap that’s been building for way too long. A gap that has hurt our communities, people and animals alike. A gap that, simply put, stems from lack of support. At any point, it could be any of us needing that support. Wouldn’t you appreciate it if it were you?

We continue to find people who want to do the right thing but simply cannot or do not know how. Every clinic and every day, in one way or another, we intend to help narrow this gap which doesn’t have to exist at all. We intend to witness as many more animals grow into healthy pets in their happy homes.

We spent our Valentine’s Day the perfect way.

We spent our Valentine’s Day spreading the love the best way we know how: By holding a clinic that offered free spay and neuter, vaccinations, microchips and so much more to over 200 cats and dogs. This February 14th clinic, held at Gilbert Lindsay park, was our busiest clinic yet. After teams of DDR volunteers went door to door to pass out flyers over two consecutive Saturdays, the message got out to families with pets who live in 90011, and the message began to spread. We decided to focus our efforts on 90011 because the average income there is less than $30,000 per year, more than 60% of the residents rent their home, and it’s a very dense area with a population of more than 100,000 people. There are a lot of dogs and zero animal hospitals located in the immediate vicinity. Many homeless people live in the park, and many people have no transportation other than the bus, which does not allow dogs or cats on board. Getting help for pets is scarce.


There were so many highlights at this clinic, so many wins. Seeing all the families who brought back their puppies for their next round of vaccinations. The exams we offered right on the spot where doctors explained how to care for various types of chronic medical issues also brought us much joy, as it provided each pet a more compassionate and humane existence. Plus our spay and neuter sign up sheet got so full, it looks like we’ll be booking our next free clinic on Sunday, March 13th! Parvo, DHPP and rabies vaccinations were given to all dogs over four months old, and puppies weeks and older received their boosters and worming medicine. Every pet received free flea and tick treatment thanks to a donation from the manufacturer of Frontline. In that vein, we also appreciate everyone who donated hundreds of pounds of dog food as almost every family went home with a big bag of kibble or a case of canned food. There were collars and leashes for those who needed, and we were there for the cats as well.

The park staff was incredibly supportive, allowing us to hang up two banners in the park near the basketball courts and soccer field. Flyers hanging in the recreation room also helped get the word out. It was incredible to watch a line forming so long, we had to cut it off an hour before the clinic was scheduled to shut down just to manage volume. Our SCVMA volunteer vets and vet techs were amazing and generous with their time, as always. The fact is that without their support these free clinics would not be possible. Adding to the stellar team, Amanda, our Shelter Intervention Program counselor, set up her table right at the park, positioning herself to give further assistance to families with pets needing a further hand. We were able to help several serious medical issues, including a very large hernia on a very small Chihuahua.

We also hired a community groomer – Willy’s Grooming – to groom matted and tangled poodles and terriers. To watch families delight in how beautiful their dogs looked after a bath, and to have the opportunity […]

Straight Outta Compton!

Last weekend, while everyone was at a movie theater seeing the movie Straight Outta Compton, we were in Compton, at the same park that the young Venus and Serena Williams practiced playing tennis, East Rancho Dominguez Park.  Despite triple digit heat, we had a great day  A total of 35 more Compton community dogs were spayed/neutered and vaccinated

Our clinics are always free for the families who come out to get their dogs fixed.  We accept family pets that live in Compton, Paramount, Lynwood, Maywood, Bell, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Willowbrook, Watts and parts of South LA.  In addition to the free surgeries and vaccinations, lots of dogs received a free pet ID tag

Volunteer Luz Ramirez created free tags on our table top tag machine, thanks to all of you who donated to help us buy this machine  To date, we have made more than 450 ID tags for dogs living in the communities that we serve.

Hundreds of pounds of dog food was passed out, dog toys, collar and leashes, supplies that families need to keep their dogs healthy and safe.  We want to thank the Amanda Foundation mobile clinic team for being our medical team at the clinic.  We also want to say a BIG thank you to Amanda President Teri Austin for taking three dogs that community members could not keep and were planning on taking to the Downey Shelter.  The relief they expressed, knowing that their dogs would not go to the shelter made them so happy.  Our next clinic will be in late September.




Southern California Veterinary Medical Association supports Free Dog Clinic

On Sunday, we ran another free dog clinic, this time for the families with dogs living in 90011, an area much like Watts where our last clinic was located.  Lots of families waked to Gilbert Lindsay Park to get their dogs spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.  From 9Am to 11Am the SCVMA volunteer veterinarians vaccinated and micro chipped over 100 dogs and puppies.

This is the second event that they have come out to and donated their time.  For many of our families, this is the first time their pet has been examined by a veterinarian.  For many, this was their dogs first set of vaccines.

Thanks to all of you who donated Frontline on our Amazon Wish List, we were able to apply flea + tick treatment to most all of the dogs.  Many families came for the vaccines only but when given the benefits of spay/neuter, agreed to get their dogs done, all free of charge.  Others made appointments for a future date, the mobile clinic is at the park twice a month.  Others needed more time to think about it and that’s OK.  We believe that many families never get accurate information about pet care and when given resources, they chose to spay/neuter their family pets.

All puppies were wormed and can come back next month to get their next set of vaccines, free of charge.  We met many families who came with the whole family, mom, dad, the children, even grandma and grandpa, with two, three, as many as four and five dogs.  We set no limit of pets that one family could bring to the clinic.  We welcomed everyone.

Every family went home with a bag of dog food, collars and leashes and more goodies.  We want to thank the staff at Gilbert Lindsay Park for welcoming us to their park.  We will back next month with plans to do three more clinics in 2015.

Coming Soon – FREE Watts Dog Clinic!

Watts clinic2We are collecting donations of dog food, collars and leashes, flea medication and other supplies to pass out to Watts dog owners in need. You can donate via our Amazon Wish List Shop Now! 

Our goal is to vaccinate 100 dogs and puppies living in Watts, while providing life saving information on how to see the signs of parvo, how to feed and care for a new dog or puppy. Why it’s important to use flea treatment and more. The Amanda Foundation Mobile clinic will be part of our day, providing free spay and neuter by appointment.
amanda clinic(1)
We want to thank our friends at the Watts Coffee House for offering their parking lot as a location for our special day. Thank you Watts Project volunteers who are serving as our street team, passing out over 1500 flyers into the community. A special shout out to trainer Larry Hill and his team from Puppy Imprinters who will be doing training demonstrations and offering advice. The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association will be volunteering hours, providing wellness information. Our friends at Ghetto Rescue Foundation will be volunteering to help check in dog owners and make everyone feel welcome. Aromatherapy mobile grooming will be at our event, bathing, brushing and grooming dogs. Every dog will go home with a pet ID tag. We will offer free DHPP, rabies and microchip Staff from the Department of Animal Services will be on hand to license dogs.

Are you a DDR volunteer who wants to volunteer, email

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Good News from our Compton Dog Clinic!

Bark Box

Bluebird an 8 month old pit bull was one of 38 dogs that were spayed and neutered on Sunday at our monthly free South East Community Dog Clinics.IMG_2495 Thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, we will be able to perform 500 free surgeries in a community that lacks the resources. There were 20 male dogs and 18 female dogs and 4 female cats.  Yes, we had cats at our dog clinic.  Including two young cats wearing collars and leashes.  The young woman who owned these cats walked to the clinic because she did not have transportation and was desperate to get her cats spayed.IMG_2482

These two ladies and another friend who drove, woke up at 4:00AM to get their four dogs ready to be an hour and half early so they would get all of their dogs spayed and neutered because they didn’t want their two females to get pregnant but could not afford to pay for four surgeries.

IMG_2505 (1)(1)Lots of large breed dogs including several pit bulls, four from one family, Rottweilers and German Shepherds to name a few of the types of dogs that we helped.  Of course, lots of poodles and chihuahuas and terriers too.  As a special treat, every family went home with a Bark Box, thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Bark Box.


Order your Bark Box and support Downtown Dog Rescue by visiting their site here.


Amanda clinic 2(1)

We want to thank the Amanda Foundation for providing the services.  Their team is amazing.  We are grateful that the ASPCA has given us a second year of spay/neuter funding to continue providing services for our 9th consecutive year at in Compton.  I want to personally thank all the volunteers who get up so early to start our day at 7:00AM and stay until the very last dog or cat goes home late in the afternoon.  Most of the families who use our mobile clinic services would not make it to a stationary hospital due to lack of transportation, a work schedule that conflicts with normal business hours, and or a lack of transportation.  Having a clinic on Sundays, at the park where lots of families spend their time together, where we are viable, accessible ready to offer great customer service to people who may not be familiar with what spay and neuter is.  There are always more people with pets who want the service than we can take that day.  Most of the people rescued their pet off the street, from a neighbor who moved and could not take the pet, their dog or a family member’s dog had an accidental litter or off Craigslist.  Not one pet owner bought their pet.amanda clinic(1)


If you live in […]

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