FRIDAY SHOUT OUTS – Giving Thanks!

This Friday is a big Friday coz we’re thanking a whole bunch of awesome volunteers! Last weekend, DDR hosted our first ever Annual Pet Fair in the City of Compton!

It was fun and volunteers came out to make it one of our funnest events ever!
We know in DDR that we are nothing without our mover and shaker volunteers!!!!
Who’s more than happy to do the honors this week? It’s our dear CHLOE!!! She got adopted!!!!! Yay! So many of us at DDR and our partner rescue The Dawg Squad

were rooting for this pretty girl! And her dreams have come true! Here she is posing at the DDR Kennels wondering when it was going to be her turn to go home:

And lo and behold!!! Here she is with her new sibling Kylo in her new home!!!!!

Get up from your nap Chloe — we got thankings to do!!!

Ok—on behalf of DDR, I would like to thank my sibling Kylo and my new pack leaders, Brian and Bonnie for taking me into their home! Life’s good and I love my new purple polka-dot collar.
Next is Ms. Lori’s huge enormous thanks to all the volunteers that came out for the Pet Fair:

There’s Josie and the B.A.R.K. crew The kids loved spending time with all of you, the therapy dogs, Fran and Pogo!

We had a […]

LORI’S CORNER: First Annual Pet Fair in Compton

Saturday was our first annual Compton Pet Fair, which was held in conjunction with our monthly spay/neuter event at East Rancho Dominguez Park in Compton. My goal for the Pet Fair was to get information out to community about caring for dogs, including proper feeding, health care and basic training. We also promoted the Dog Fighting Tip Line, handing out lots of postcard size reminders for people to call if they hear of someone fighting dogs. There is a $5,000 reward for any tip that leads to a conviction. However, I hear this phrase over and over from people in the community, especially the pit bull owners, “It’s not enough money to be a snitch.” This is a very sad reality.

I know that some of the youth and especially some of the older homeless men, like our friend and volunteer David, know people who are actively fighting pit bulls. Therefore, the best way to prevent dog fighting is to get the youth active with their pit bulls doing things other than fighting them. I’m proud to say, I work with a group of young men who own pit bulls that are very against dog fighting and dog breeding. My star example is Edgar, who volunteered all day Saturday, helping us translate in Spanish. He is the proud owner of Queenie, a red nose pit bull.

There is another small group who are definitely against dog fighting but are still actively breeding pit bulls or are contemplating creating their own blood line. Cris and Lando are two would be pit bull breeders who brought their dogs to the park on Saturday and decided to spay their female. We didn’t even discuss neutering the male pit bull because I know that’s “off the table for discussion” and I respect that.

Month after month, as Downtown Dog Rescue volunteers continue to raise awareness about the importance of making one’s dog a part of the family, we are seeing word of mouth referrals book appointments to the clinic and dog owners changing their minds about breeding. It’s an ongoing process that is built on trust and being there every month for one of the most needy communities in Los Angeles County. Compton is often considered a “write off” area, where nothing can be done because no one cares. Downtown Dog Rescue cares about the Compton community and the dogs who live there. Our goal is to eliminate the cycle of suffering, where packs of dogs roam the street looking for food and it’s very common to see dead dogs lying […]

Lori’s Corner: Monthly Compton Spay/Neuter Clinic Update

On Saturday, Downtown Dog Rescue hosted our monthly free spay/neuter clinic in Compton at East Rancho Dominguez Park. As always, there were more clients with dogs that needed service than available spots in the clinic. We start our day around 7:00 AM and finished up around 4:00. We provided free spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and microchips for 30 dog. Ivania and Rosalie and I volunteer each month and have built up a nice following of repeat customers, with lots of word of mouth referrals from friends and family members who have used our service in the past.

Rosalie’s neighbor Troy walked his two Shepherd puppies and his Mama Pit bull over to the clinic. After speaking to him, he confirmed what we already knew, lots of people who live in Compton don’t necessarily want litters of puppies, they just don’t have the money or know where to get their dogs fixed. He also told me that some people don’t have transportation to a clinic, even if they knew where one was or if they could afford it. Mr. Lopez who came with his female dog “Blackie” walked to the clinic, two blocks, with his three small children. Blackie had a litter of puppies because they could not afford to get her fixed. The family decided to keep one puppy and will bring the puppy in June to be spayed. The dog that I was really happy to see finally spayed was a Chow-pit bull mix named “Negra”. She must have had 10 litters of puppies back to back to back! These are all reasons why we need mobile clinics in the parks. I just wish that we could offer more service to the community of Compton. There is such a great need, especially for pit bull owners. A monthly clinic is a good start!

Our goal in 2010 is to spay/neuter 700 Compton Dogs. To make this goal, we will do a double clinic next month. Our June clinic will be Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13th. On the 12th, I’m planning a small pet fair where dog owners can come out to […]

LORI’S CORNER: Neuter or Euthanize

On Friday I received a call from Robert, a homeless pit bull owner, who had been arrested, jailed for four months and was about to lose his dog “Boss” forever if I did not help, as he put it, “Right now!” I phoned him back immediately, but it was still after the shelter closed for the day, which was too late. Boss was scheduled to be euthanized on Saturday April 24th.

The only reason that the captain of the shelter had decided to hold on to Boss for four long months was because his owner had written eight letters, pleading with the Department of Animal Services to hold on to his beloved pit bull. This amazed me because the shelter is only required to hold any personal property dog, such as was the case with Boss’ impound, for thirty days. The DAS went to amazing lengths to hold on to him for an additional three months, even though Boss is not the coolest dog in town, temperament wise.

I spoke to Robert, heard his account of how the LAPD, for no good reason, forcefully took Boss from his Cadillac, smashed the windows and destroyed his personal property. This all went down in Hollywood, which is the service area for the North Central Animal Shelter. According to Robert, LAPD officers waited for two hours for an animal control officer to come and get Boss and take Robert to jail. The officer never showed up so LAPD delivered Boss to the shelter where he stayed for 120 days. According to Robert, Boss was never aggressive but the officer hit Boss with his Billy club and threatened to kill Boss if he became really aggressive.

I listened for about twenty minutes to Robert’s account of the day that he was arrested, how he had no money to get Boss out and the fact that this dog was his world. He had owned Boss since he was just a pup. Now almost two years old, from the Razor’s Edge Razor’s Edge line, he was a dog that he had planned to breed because, according to Robert, he had “a wonderful temperament and great confirmation”.

We agreed to meet at the […]

DDR PROGRAMS: Compton Spay + Neuter Clinic Announcement

On May 8th, Downtown Dog Rescue will be hosting our monthly free spay/neuter clinic for COMPTON dog owners. We accept ONLY Compton dog owners.

Our goal in 2010 is to spay/neuter 700 Compton dogs. If you know of a dog owner who lives in Compton and needs to get their dog done, please tell them to call us. We are in the park on the corner of Atlantic and Compton Blvd the second Saturday of every month with a mobile spay/neuter clinic.

CALL: 213-403-0129


I had a very busy weekend. Saturday was our monthly Compton Clinic. We spayed/neutered 33 Compton dogs + collected over 50 names and contact information from dog owners who came up to our table in the park. Thanks to a grant from Petsmart, we can offer free spay/neuter for Compton Dog Owners. Our goal in 2010 is 700 Compton Dogs. Our focus is pit bulls. When we are in the park it’s not just about spaying and neutering dogs, we also offer information on dog care and training. People really want to learn.

I want to thank Ivania who comes out to every clinic and translates for us, since there are many Spanish speakers who are eager to comply with the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance. Second I would like to thank Edgar, Queeny’s owner, who came out and helped me speak to many people including a group of basket ball players who had some pit bull puppies that they needed information on getting off to a “right start”.

Forming these relationships within the community and offering free spay + neuter right in the park is the only way we will ever see a possible decline in the euthanasia rate for dogs at the Downey shelter (the shelter that serves the City of Compton).

(remember Chocolate? Now EVE!)

On Sunday, Downtown Dog Rescue hosted another CGC trial. This time, some of our class members who missed a couple of points on their last test passed! Judge, our class dog passed with flying colors and so did Eve (formerly known as Chocolate), so young, and on her first attempt. I was especially proud to see one of our DDR dogs pass on her first attempt. My friend Carole Pearson, leader of Dawg Squad, also passed a couple pit bulls. It was a really great day. Thank you again Lezle for being our evaluator.

Our next CGC trial is going to be the first week in June. If you own a pit bull and want to see if your dog will pass the Canine Good Citizenship Test, get in touch with me soon . Our Coliseum class is a great way to put the work into your dog that you will need to pass the test.

Our goal is to certify 100 pit bulls, something that has […]

DDR SPAY NEUTER PROGRAM – PETSMART Charities Quarterly Article

Media Alert: DDR is being featured in PETSMART Charities Quarterly Newsletter for Winter 2010. Here is your first hand peek at the newsletter!

How One Agency is Putting a New “Targeted” Spay/Neuter Grant to Use

⇨Agency: Downtown Dog Rescue
⇨Location: Compton, Calif.
⇨Targets: Pit bull terriers; low-income
and homeless dog owners

PetSmart Charities® last fall announced its newest grant guidelines and, within weeks, received more than 450 applications from animal-welfare groups across the country. As this application-review process begins to wrap up, a handful of agencies have already received funding and are putting their grant dollars to work.
One such agency is Downtown Dog Rescue in Compton, Calif. The agency received one of the first grants from PetSmart Charities under the new grant guidelines announced in September. The group plans to increase mobile spay/neuter clinics in Compton, Calif. from four per year to 16, providing about 700 sterilizations for the pets of low-income residents.
PetSmart Charities invited animal-welfare organizations to apply for targeted spay/neuter programs, which include efforts to sterilize owned pets by concentrating on an identified local need or problem. Downtown Dog Rescue will use the grant funds to spay/neuter dogs, primarily pit bull terriers, owned by low-income residents in Compton. Dog owners will be able to receive free spay/neuter surgery at the 16 mobile clinics. “Our goal is not to turn anyone away,” said
Lori Weise, founder. “We work closely with Los Angeles County Animal Control to identify and persuade people to bring their pets in. No one had ever done anything in Compton before, and now there’s a definite improvement. People are getting the idea that if they have a dog, they go to the clinics.”
Downtown Dog Rescue will collaborate with three mobile clinics to provide the spay/neuter services, and also will receive matching funds from the County of Los Angeles Animal Services spay/neuter fund. The use of this targeted spay/neuter grant funding is expected to reduce unaltered and stray dogs – notably pit bull terriers which, in the target area, are disproportionately surrendered to or impounded by local shelters and animal-control agencies.
Downtown Dog Rescue was selected as a grant recipient because of its well-developed collaboration with other key members in the community and its ability to provide baseline data on intakes from the targeted area and updated progress reports.
“We know we can’t be all things to everyone,” continued Weise. “But choosing a targeted area is a good way to see results. The park where we hold the mobile clinics lets us know that they see the benefits – there are no longer packs of dogs scaring kids. We are so appreciative of PetSmart Charities for helping […]

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