LORI’S CORNER: 100 Pits & Chihuahua’s? Yes, with Amanda Foundation and LA Animal Services “Pits & Pals”

Saturday, I volunteered with the Amanda Foundation Team and LA Animal Services, to do another 100 Dog Day called “Pits and Pals”. The event took place at the North Central Animal Shelter. In the pouring rain, dog owners still showed up and we had a great day. Free spay and neutering is so necessary and these 100 dog days type event, which focus on the two breeds that are most often in the City shelters, Pit bulls and Chihuahuas, help to get the word out about the mobile clinic program.

The Amanda Foundation’s mobile spay/neuter clinic is the most successful in the nation. We are very fortunate to have such a great program in the City of Los Angeles. To donate please visit AMANDA FOUNDATION.

To volunteer for a DDR spay/neuter clinic, please contact me directly Lori@Modernica.net We always need volunteers and product donations.

Check out the photos and the commentary about the clinic written by Teri Austin, president of the Amanda Foundation:

Vets at work

Lots of happy clients

Grateful client and PitX

This Pit pup wont be having pups of her own

Good people who luv their dog

Lots of Pitbulls

120 lbs. Mastiff X

Lots of senior’s pets

It was a family day

LORI’S CORNER: Monthly Spay/Neuter Clinic – The Community Responds

Last Saturday was our monthly free dog clinic in Compton at East Rancho Dominguez Park. There are always too many dogs needing service and not enough cage space and time to do all the dogs that come out. We ended our day spaying/neutering 33 dogs.

Each dog is also vaccinated and micro chipped all at no charge. Ivania and I signed up an additional 50 people, some with two, three and four dogs at home that need the free service at a future clinic. There is always a waiting list and we always end up turning people away which proves my theory, MOST dog owners want to do the “right thing”. They want to spay/neuter and vaccinate their dogs. They don’t always know what the surgery is called but they know, they don’t want any litters of puppies.

Too many people in power, the same people who make the financial decisions for city, county, state budgets believe that “poor dog owners” in areas like Compton don’t care about getting their dogs fixed and that they want puppies to make money. When in reality, most dog owners don’t want puppies, even if their dog has an accidental litter. They either don’t know where to get an affordable surgery or have poor information on spay/neuter. I can’t tell you how many people think that their dog is too young to have puppies at a year, or they are worried that their dog’s personality will change overnight after the surgery, or that their dog might die while being sterilized. Some dog owners are so nervous that they wait with us in the park while their pet is being sterilized.

Ivania and Rosalie are my two dedicated Compton Clinic volunteers who help me process paperwork, sign clients up for future clinics, and trouble answer health and behavioral problems that come up. In some cases, we are the only resource for accurate information on dog care for Compton Dog Owners who may not be able to afford to go to a vet or sign up for an obedience training class. Debbie came out to help answer training questions and Edgar and Gerardo, both Sunday Pit bull school classmates came out to help make our day very successful. Edgar took the photo above of Laurie’s little dog and his sister created the Adopt Me graphics. We passed out dog treats, dog toys, collars and leashes, as well as information on low cost vaccinations and other […]

Compton Spay + Neuter Clinic

On Saturday January 9th, we hosted our monthly free spay + neuter clinic for Compton dog owners. AngelDogs was our service provider. They have a great team and with my two key volunteers, Ivania and Rosalie, we had a very successful day, 30 dogs were sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped all free of charge to the dog owner. Plus, Ivania wrote out another 20 vouchers so that the walk up people with dogs can take their dog over to Golden State Humane Society Hospital at a later date and get their dogs done free of charge.

Through grants and private donations, Downtown Dog Rescue provides this free service for all Compton Dog owners each month. We do not receive financial assistance from the City of Compton, in fact, they have never acknowledged our work in the community. Since 2006, we are the only non profit to provide free spay/neuter services on a regular basis in Compton. The key to our success, the mobile clinic and trained and dedicated volunteers.

Without a mobile clinic program, we would have never met Elizabeth and her family who just moved in across the street from the park where we park the mobile clinic each month. Someone in her neighborhood has abandoned two dogs, and then a third. All females, all large breeds. She had no money to get them spayed, and no car to take them to a hospital. On Saturday, I’m happy to report, we got them all spayed, including “Beauty” a very nervous dog who loves only her family. AngelDog’s staff was terrific and knew just how to handle these dogs. We also provided services for Mr. Randall’s puppy “Thriller” Without the mobile clinic, I seriously doubt this pup would ever have received any vet care since Mr. Randall is homeless. His girlfriend had visited us late in the day at our Dec. clinic but we had no way of contacting her. I was so happy to see Mr. Randall, push his shopping cart up to the mobile clinic, with Thriller in his back pack. Although he had no appointment, we were able to take him aboard the clinic, with a little coaching on why getting Thriller neutered was so important from Rosalie who also offered her yard as a safe haven for the pup whenever Mr. Randall could not care for his dog. He stayed most of the day, had lunch with us and waited patiently for Thriller to be done so he could go back home.

I was also very touched by Felita who had rescued a little female Chihuahua named Cookie. She helped talk two more people into getting their dogs spayed who were “on the fence” about getting it done. We were able to take all the dogs who did not have appointments including Cindy’s big black beautiful male pit bull and lots of […]

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