LORI’S CORNER: 100 Pits & Chihuahua’s? Yes, with Amanda Foundation and LA Animal Services “Pits & Pals”

Saturday, I volunteered with the Amanda Foundation Team and LA Animal Services, to do another 100 Dog Day called “Pits and Pals”. The event took place at the North Central Animal Shelter. In the pouring rain, dog owners still showed up and we had a great day. Free spay and neutering is so necessary and these 100 dog days type event, which focus on the two breeds that are most often in the City shelters, Pit bulls and Chihuahuas, help to get the word out about the mobile clinic program.

The Amanda Foundation’s mobile spay/neuter clinic is the most successful in the nation. We are very fortunate to have such a great program in the City of Los Angeles. To donate please visit AMANDA FOUNDATION.

To volunteer for a DDR spay/neuter clinic, please contact me directly Lori@Modernica.net We always need volunteers and product donations.

Check out the photos and the commentary about the clinic written by Teri Austin, president of the Amanda Foundation:

Vets at work

Lots of happy clients

Grateful client and PitX

This Pit pup wont be having pups of her own

Good people who luv their dog

Lots of Pitbulls

120 lbs. Mastiff X

Lots of senior’s pets

It was a family day