DDR HISTORY LESSON: Amy Tenowich’s mini-documentary about DDR

Lori Weise of Downtown Dog Rescue has dedicated her life to rescuing dogs running loose near Los Angeles’ skid row, or who would most likely be euthanized in shelters. She also helps pet owners who are homeless, or too poor to care for their best friends. Made in 2006.


Los Angeles

Amy has worked as a freelance producer for non-fiction TV shows on Discovery HD Theater, WEtv, PBS and A&E Biography Channel. She’s written for the LA Times, Pasadena Weekly, and has had humor op-ed columns in the LA Daily News and the Huffington Post. She won the 2006 Art Buchwald Humor Writing Award for her story about Los Angeles newswomen and their abundance of cleavage, spilling over anchor desks across the Southland. Amy also won an LA Press Club Award for a 2007 article on the Los Angeles salsa-dancing scene.

She did her undergrad in Anthropology at UCLA, and her Master’s in Broadcast Journalism at USC. When not making web videos about cool people, Amy likes to eat free samples at Trader Joes, improvise in the kitchen, travel to far off lands to see wild primates, and tear up the dance floor to salsa music.

Amy hopes to keep the insightful giggles going throughout her journalistic career, and to keep finding like-minded people who think it’s cool to care.