DDR YOUTH MATTER: Pitbull Art by Laurel Elementary School Students

Here are some of the fabulous coloring projects that Elementary students from Laurel Elementary School in West Hollywood who attended their school’s Earth Day event did at the DDR Table! We were the “Adoption Table.”

DDR volunteer Brittany Fulgoni brought the wonderful coloring pages from Pitt Bull Rescue Central’s Poppy’s Place webpage for kids to the event. My particular favorite is the pink eyes pit bull with fun colors. I commented to the young boy who did it that he really had a knack for color and he smiled. I told him he might want to consider art school in the future and he said YA! Everyone wanted the brown marker but I told them that their pitbulls can be any color they wanted and so some of them did the traditional brown pitty and some did the multi-colored pitbull! Future artists and pit bull lovers of Los Angeles!
It was a wonderful day!

DDR IN THE COMMUNITY: Earth Day at Laurel Elementary School

by Irene Soriano Brightman

Erin Viera from the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots Program requested DDR’s participation in Laurel Elementary’s EARTH DAY event held last Saturday, April 24, 2010!

We were the “PET ADOPTION” booth and what a fun day it was! “WE” involved me and volunteer and DDR foster mom, Brittany!

We had a majority of our dogs showing at PETCO-Pasadena so Brittany brought the little sweety she was fostering, Coco! She also brought her own cute chiwiwi, Peanut who always likes to come along for the ride!

Knowing that we would be interacting mostly with elementary school kids, we made sure to have fun things like stickers and colorful displays!

Brittany came up with the great idea of providing coloring pages of doggies for the kids to color.

The event was a lot of fun for the kids. Of course, everyone wanted to walk Coco and Peanut, they would all gather together and fawn over the two little sweeties. At times, the two little ones got overwhelmed with the kids but Brittany was good about letting the kids know to give them room to breathe. For the kids that played with either dog, they were given the choice of wearing I PLAYED WITH COCO or I PLAYED WITH PEANUT stickers. Many of the kids wanted both!