End Of The Year Numbers – A Graphic

What could be shorter and sweeter than summing up the success of our Shelter Intervention Program (SIP) for 2015 with a cool graphic? Last year 79% of the cases that came to our South LA Shelter intervention office needed financial assistance to pay for medical care, spay /neuter, a pet deposit, a dog run installed at their home, or fence repair done in their yard. All of our families were unable to afford these needs on their own.

With so many free spay/neuter resources out there now, that issue was the easiest problem to fix. But it was more challenging to figure out how to pay for a puppy dying of parvo, or a cat who would not eat, or a dog who was hit by a car or attacked by another dog. Furthermore, there were severe dentistry cases, wound care, tumor removal, ear and eye infections, blood work and so much more that required us to dig deep into our organization’s funds.

We were able to do it because of our major supporter, Found Animals Foundation. Without their grant, the SIP program would not exist and we could not have said yes to all of these people and all of these animals. We also want to thank LA Animal Services for being a great partner and for allowing us to be in the shelter, helping the families who need us. We were able to prevent 1272 pets from entering the South LA Shelter in 2015. That impacts not only those animals, but all the others who get to stay at the shelter longer, at less risk of running out of space and time, until their adopters are found.

Lastly, we must thank all of YOU who support this program and make it possible for us to keep pets in their first home, forever home. Because you know that we all need help sometimes, that the very fingers pointing blame can be used to extend a hand. Thank you for being our hand.

And now we’ll let these statistics speak for themselves. Feel free to share them!

2015 Shelter Intervention Chart


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