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In July 2016, we opened the first pet service center on Skid Row called the Pet Resource Center (PRC). This program is delivered in collaboration with Inner City Law Center and LA Animal Services. Housed in the Inner City Law Center offices, the Pet Resource Center is currently open to pet owners each Wednesday.

The purpose of the PRC is to offer pet owners living in the Skid Row community a place to pick up free pet food or other supplies, discuss a problem they are experiencing, and receive free spay/neuter vouchers from the LA Animal Services staff member who is on site with us each week as part of the team. We communicate with social workers and case managers often. And while we all work together to address this community’s unique challenges, where about 48% of pet owners are homeless and the majority of the rest are living in motels, SROs, or in homeless shelters in the area, we try hard to help them keep their pet. On average, we help 24 pets per week.


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What’s better than a happy ending at Pet Resource Center? Two happy endings.

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Every Wednesday our trained counselors work with individuals at Inner City Law Center on Skid Row to help them care for their animals. Some we've seen regularly since we started the program almost a year ago, others come [...]

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Woof Wednesday at Pet Resource Center: Siripan’s story

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Siripan has been living on the streets for years with her much loved little dog, Cindy. She was finally able to get into low-income housing but still has little funds. One of PRC's clients brought them [...]

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A new fundraiser for us!

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Donation alert! This month, Babes in Toyland Charity and Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies have teamed up to gather donations for us at Downtown Dog Rescue. We are so thankful they've come together to help us! For starters, there [...]

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