Senior Dogs who have Cancer

Today we received the news that Big Donut, a 13ish senior dog who we rescued from the South Los Angeles Shelter less than a month ago, has malignant melanoma and mast cell tumor, which was removed when he was neutered last week.  We will have chest x-rays done to see if the cancer has spread, so we can get a better idea of how much time he has left.


Big Donut stole our hearts when DDR volunteers met this old dog and tested him with a variety of big and small shelter dogs.  He has an amazingly stable temperament with dogs and people, and is so grateful to be rescued.  It’s clear that whoever owned him, loved and socialized him until his owner died.  Family members brought Big Donut to the shelter, and reported his age to be 18 years old, however the shelter estimated him to be 10 years.  Our guess is that he is somewhere in between 13 or 14 years, and despite having cancer, has a good appetite and energy.

Sadly, Big Donut’s diagnosis wasn’t the only cancer news we received, our senior dog Bruno has hemangiosarcoma and possibly melanoma, which will require surgery.  We rescued Bruno as a puppy and he had a wonderful home until his owner died about three years ago. Unfortunately, his owner had only a brother, who could not take care of Bruno, so he was returned to us as a senior dog.  All of the DDR dog walkers and kennel staff love Bruno. He is comfortable and happy at our kennel, which is set up like a home, but it’s not a loving home.

We hope that someone reading this post is interested in fostering or adopting Big Donut or Bruno, giving them a real home for the time that they have left to live.  If you can’t foster, can you consider making a donation to help cover the cost of their surgeries and follow up care?  We are dedicated to rescuing senior shelter dogs.  It’s only through your support and generosity that we are able to open our hearts to dogs like Big Donut and Bruno.

Bruno with Dr. Ramirez at Los Angeles Veterinary Center

1st Picks for 2nd Chances – Meet Daisy!

A daisy can brighten your day. We’re not talking about the flower, we’re talking about our Daisy, a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who bonds tightly with her people. This beautiful girl is calm around the house, but also loves running around a yard and laying in the sun. She is not destructive and can be home alone an entire day without any problems at all.

We rescued Daisy when she was a puppy, and she was fearful in general back then. But being young came to her advantage and she was able to gracefully learn about life, behaved great with other dogs, and slowly grew lDaisy1ess anxious in new situations. Her discomfort in the world did not go away quickly and perhaps it never will entirely; however, she is very smart! She learns slowly and gets it. Then about a year ago, Daisy was adopted. Unfortunately her adopters added another dog to the home who was challenging. Living with a dog who did not like her, plus moving into a small space requiring several walks a day, was too much stress. Daisy was returned to us more uneasy around dogs, and better suited for a peaceful, nice life without other pets to share a home with. She would prefer not to tag along on errands with you, and instead stay home and greet you excitedly when you walk through the door.

Daisy’s dream would be to have a house and a yard, as well as an owner who gives belly rubs and accepts her for who she is – a truly wonderful companion. She is so very loving, she will lay by your feet for hours and be your absolute best friend. If you don’t have much time to spend walking and working with a dog, but would enjoy having a buddy around who does not ask for much, then Daisy is your lady! We believe wholeheartedly that the right home is out there just waiting to find her…and she’s waiting for you, too.

Daisy 2As DDR the rescue group, we’re all about second chances. We believe all animals deserve a second chance, and we stand by each of our rescue dogs. They are worthy souls living up to their potentials, some getting there easier and quicker than others. And yet there are a few dogs that stand out because they have unique needs, because they’ve been with us so long, or because they’ve been patiently waiting for the right family to call their own. Daisy’s story is the forth and last in our four-part series called 1st Picks for 2nd Chances. We sincerely hope you will read each of these tales, share them widely, and open your hearts.

Daisy is house-trained, spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. To learn more about her, please click on this link! And don’t forget to share her story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Who knows who might be her destiny – maybe even consider opening your home if you’re a good fit! The person who adopts Daisy or any one of these 1st Picks for 2nd Chances dogs will get free boarding at the DDR […]

Daisy Wants A Home. We Need Your Help To Give Her One.


“THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!” That’s what we tell ourselves and each other, and what we believe good animal rescue requires. Daisy is a Think-Outside-The-Box case, and with no other ideas for how to give her the home she most deserves, we thought we could share her story with you and humbly ask for your help.

There are countless ways to help a dog in need. Many of you have pets, and many of you might not be able to adopt a DDR dog straight out…but you can still help us. You can still help Daisy.

Do you know someone who says, “I wish I could have a dog but I work long hours and don’t have time?” Sure there are the dogs who need more; just like no two people are exactly alike, every dog is unique, too. But Daisy is not one of these dogs. Some pups, like her, are very happy having a house, maybe a yard or walk a day, and are completely content being home alone. Some dogs, like her, are fine with knowing their person will be around in the evening, eager to hang out by their feet and watch TV. Some dogs, like Daisy, find the outside world very stressful and could care less about being out and about. They just want to be safe and secure.

Daisy is 3 and a half years old, 62 pounds and beautiful. She is healthy, loyal and well-behaved. She is not destructive, does not dig. She’s a loving girl who would be content being outside during the day, sunbathing and watching squirrels, and then go inside the house at night, cozy and keeping you company.

So we’re asking you to please think about it. Who do you know? Who have you not have considered that might be able to offer a great life for a dog like Daisy? When you think outside the box, does anybody special come to mind? Here is a video for you to watch and share, along with the link to her profile page.

We won’t give up on her. We know her home is out there. But sometimes the reach must be widened as we humbly ask you to help us help this special girl. Thank you for helping Daisy find her loving home.


Saturday October 18th is DDR’s BIG DAY, it’s Race for the Rescues Day at the Pasadena Rose bowl.  This event is DDR’s biggest fundraiser and with only 15 days left to raise $30,000, we haven’t hit the 50% mark yet.  Can you help us help dogs like Honey.  We rescued 14 year old Honey from the East Valley Shelter.


What chance would 12 year old Red, a former South LA Shelter dog, have had finding a home had we not rescued him?

Red-12 years

Your support helps us continue to rescue shelter dogs who truly deserve a second chance.  JOIN OUR TEAM and run walk with your dog.  If you can’t make race day, donate $50 and sponsor a DDR volunteer to come out to the race with an adoptable DDR dog.  Every donation helps us get closer to our goal!  We look forward to seeing you and your dog on race day!

ACTIVATE: Dogs Rescued from Hoarder – PLS Help find them Homes

Life in the hands of a hoarder is unpredictable at best. Maggie Bear, was one of 85 dogs collected by a notorious hoarder, then abandoned in the high desert in the triple digit month of August. Many of the dogs were clearly related. Not surprising as only a few were fixed. Litters of puppies were soon born in wood piles and derelict sheds; wherever the Mothers could find a safe hiding place. Soon there were over a hundred dogs, all but a few, now confined to hastily erected kennels. Uncertainty and stress a part of their lives. Some craving attention, others hiding as best they could. Here are FIVE of these dogs who still need help to find a good home. PLEASE HELP THEM however you can by networking and posting on Facebook etc.

Clearly some of the dogs had once known a real life of sorts, but whether abandoned at a shelter, found running on a freeway, released for a paltry donation by a desperate owner or born to an unfixed dog on a remote property; now they all shared the same fate. Cruella DeVille has nothing on the people who hoard animals. Most of the dogs from this most recent hoarding situation have been rescued but some still need to find the wonderful home they so deserve and I am hoping you can help by forwarding this e-mail.
All of the dogs have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and generally vetted.

Please contact me if you would like to meet any of the dogs or need more info.
Many Thanks ! Helen Storey (

MAGGIE BEAR is a very lovable, cuddly girl, who was so scared at the hoarder property that she hid in an Igloo kennel day and night. After 5 weeks in a great foster home she has blossomed and is now comfortable going for walks with her foster Mom & her rescue dog, and enjoying all the benefits of the good life. Now she just needs a home to call her very own ! Maggie is a Shepherd/Husky mix who is 4 years old, healthy and house-trained. She is very quiet and easy going and will be a lovely companion for whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.


ROY is a sweet, energetic dog with lots of personality. A very smart boy who soon figured out basic commands, especially to sit in the exact […]



Thriller is approximately one year old and has spent his entire life with his owner living outside, on the streets and in the parks in Compton. Downtown Dog Rescue vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped him as a young pup and we have watched him grown up. His owner went to jail and because Thriller was wearing a DDR ID tag, a friend of his owner called us and we were able to rescue him immediately. He is currently in a foster home with lots of other dogs and cats. He is extremely loving with people and other dogs. 

A medium size dog, he weighs about 50 lbs, is in super health and has no behavioral or health issues that a potential adopter should be concerned about. Basically, Thriller is good to go! He has never had a home and your home would be his first. Please consider adopting this well socialized, trained dog that is so deserving of a good home. 

Please call Sandy at 818-407-4145

Link to the Downtown Dog Rescue Adoption Application


as of March 27, 2011



PROFILE: Cutie came in this
Temporary Foster Home on October
16th, 2010. Cutie’s owner had lost his home and the guardian could not take her – she made attempts for several months and finally contacted me.

Cutie was mainly used for breeding with her last litter being in April 2010. Cutie was severely broken down and malnourished living off fast food that the contractors brought to her while remodeling her home. Cutie’s coat was hard, lack luster, and thinning. Cutie’s coat now, is soft, silky with a full thick Sable Cinnamon coat complemented with Golden Brown Eyes. Cutie’s body is firming up nicely, considering.

Cutie loves being outside, going for walks, and car rides. She is a strong Alpha female that needs a strong Alpha owner and a pinch collar for walks. Cutie prefers the open arm approach of Pinch when going for a walk on the leash. She loves a strong Alpha male type, is very maternal to younger dogs, and does not like yappy dogs. Cutie will greet and be friends with any dog that will not show signs of aggression. She is a quick learner, has a lot of energy but well mannered during quiet time. Cutie is kitchen trained.

TRAINING: Cutie had previous training and has been re-educated with the following:

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