Senior Dog Buster Needs a Special Foster Home + Hospice Care

Buster, who is currently living at our kennel, needs hospice care in a home. Can you help us by fostering Buster for the weeks or months he has left to live? We knew when we rescued this sweet senior dog that he had medical issues, but we didn’t know how serious.  While living at the South Los Angeles shelter, the staff adored him, but they could not figure out what was wrong with him.  He was vomiting and had diarrhea for weeks. The medical staff at the shelter did the best they could to treat him, but could not diagnosis his condition. When we pulled him from the shelter, we sent him to Alondra Animal Hospital for tests and observation. He was referred to a specialist who gave us the sad news that Buster has a mass on his spleen and hemangiosarcoma.  Right now, he is a happy dog, who has  mostly good days. He has a good appetite, is happy to go on short walks, and loves to snuggle in one of his three beds while living at our kennel in his senior suite. We are looking for someone in the Los Angeles, who does not have other pets, or can keep him separated so that he can rest (he is NOT dog aggressive). We would provide veterinarian care and medication Are you able to give Buster a loving home?  

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