What’s better than a happy ending at Pet Resource Center? Two happy endings.

Every Wednesday our trained counselors work with individuals at Inner City Law Center on Skid Row to help them care for their animals. Some we’ve seen regularly since we started the program almost a year ago, others come to us new each week. This week, we had two stories worth sharing…


Last week we had an emergency visitor when 7Roc, a much-loved dog, was hit by a car. His person rushed him to PRC at the Inner City Law Office where one of DDR’s counselors was able to rush him to our partnering vet for an exam. Luckily 7Roc, a sweet grey and white pit bull only has a broken paw and will spend a few days at the vet resting up. His grateful owner tearfully thanked us for providing help that he didn’t have the funds or resources to give on his own. Your donations make it possible to offer this support for the Skid Row Community. 


7Roc wasn’t the only pittie that we were able to help last Wednesday!  


A middle-aged man brought in Mr. Bones, a beat-up looking pit bull who he adopted while living on the streets. The gentleman had been living on the streets for some time when Mr. Bones wandered into his little encampment.  No one knew where he came from, but he had found his new home. His person heard about PRC and brought Mr. Bones to Woof Wednesday to receive help for an injured leg. Our transporter, Sandy, took Mr. Bones to our vet and it was determined that his limp was from an old untreated injury and nothing could be done for it now. Mr. Bones’ person is willing to take care of him; share his tent and all that he has. It was obvious that Mr. Bones is very attached to him already, and rightly so.


We then found out that this kind gentleman is also feeding stray cats! Thanks to donations, we were able to give him food and supplies. How humbling that this man, who has very little for himself, is still helping stray animals. There is still kindness in the world.


To help the people and animals that visit us at PRC’s Woof Wednesday, we need your support.


Donate to our Race for the Rescues campaign and we can continue to provide spay/neuter, medical care and supplies to help people who care for the animals in Skid Row.

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