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January numbers are in — We’re starting 2016 off right!

In the first month of the new year, our South LA Shelter Intervention Program prevented 91 family pets from entering the shelter. Being there to talk to people, and more importantly to listen to them, made it possible for us to provide services that changed the fate for these 91 animals. Here’s what it took to make this possible:

64% of our clients needed help with medical expenses. The problems ranged from skin treatments to ear infections, from paying for X-rays to getting blood tests to removing tumors. Many animals required treatment for upper respiratory infections, Parvo, broken bones and so much more. More often that not, the cases were emergencies, with the pet being in extreme pain. In situations like this, the owner usually doesn’t know where else to turn but the shelter. We assisted 15% with spaying/neutering their dogs or cast.

9% of the families needed help getting their cat or dog out of the shelter. It costs money to redeem a lost pet, and in order to send them back home together, we helped pay the fees. The most common reason for being impounded in the first place was that their dog accidentally got out of a gate.

7% of people had a senior or terminally ill pet. We sent them to our local vet for care or humane euthanasia, instead of watching them get surrendered to the shelter. We are grateful for the opportunity to help old animals pass in a calm environment, surrounded by the people who knew and loved them.

We were able to help about 2% of those we served with pet deposits, making it possible for them to keep their dog or cat. Another 2% had no alternative other than rehoming their pet. We supported them through it. Lastly, 1% needed dog training to solve their issues. We offer training classes every Saturday morning, free of charge, not only to people who are facing extreme […]

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National Change A Pet’s Life Day + #GiveFive kick-off!

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#GiveFive is a social initiative to raise awareness for Downtown Dog Rescue and encourage donations towards our rescue efforts — even just $5!

Please, please, please join us today for the kick-off.

It’s super easy: Today…

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End Of The Year Numbers – A Graphic

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What could be shorter and sweeter than summing up the success of our Shelter Intervention Program (SIP) for 2015 with a cool graphic? Last year 79% of the cases that came to our South LA Shelter intervention office needed […]

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Thank You For a Great 2015! Here’s To More In 2016.

December 30th, 2015|Comments Off

As 2015 comes to a close, we want to reflect back on all that you’ve helped us do – our donors, supporters, volunteers, adopters, friends, partners, and fans. For starters, our Shelter Intervention Program (SIP) continued […]