WHERE ARE THEY NOW DDR Dog Alum Spotlight : Reilly!


This is our beautiful dog, Reilly, whom we adopted from DDR 2 years ago after she was found abandoned wandering the streets of Compton. She is the sweetest, gentlest dog imaginable and rules the family roost of humans and canines. She loves hiking in the mountains, swimming and, at the end of a long, strenuous day, sleeping on her down comforter.

We have given her the best life a dog could wish for, but she has given us so much more in return – unswerving loyalty, endless love and devotion and constant free entertainment as we watch her play with our other dogs and lovingly tend the many foster puppies we have had since her arrival.

Thank you, DDR, for the amazing job you do.


by Irene Soriano Brightman

When Downtown Dog Rescue founder Lori Weise, put out a call for used Children’s books to distribute to children attending the 1st ever Compton Pet Fair that happened two weeks ago, I remembered right away a Facebook posting from one of my animal rescue friends of Broadway/Screen star and animal Welfare veteran and Broadway Barks co-founder, Bernadette Peter’s latest book project called STELLA IS A STAR!

Bernadette Peter’s own pitbull, Stella!

I thought, it would be great to be able to give the children that were coming to the the PET FAIR this new book about a dog and more specifically about pitbulls that had a positive message about the breed and a wonderful story about developing one’s positive self-image! I knew right away I would need to contact the publisher and get them involved with the Spay/Neuter clinic!

About the book (write-up from Chronicle Books):

Stella Is a Star! — Bernadette Peters and Liz Murphy—the terrific team behind the New York Times best-selling Broadway Barks—are back with a story about Stella, a pup who would rather be a graceful pig ballerina than what she really is: a dog no one seems to like.

Bernadette Peters’ lovable Stella learns the lessons of self-acceptance, following her heart’s desires and, most important, that it’s okay just to be herself. The book includes a CD with an original song written and performed by Bernadette Peters.

Bernadette Peters has led a dazzling career on Broadway and in theaters and concert halls around the world, playing such memorable roles as the witch in Into the Woods and Mama Rose in Gypsy. She is the cofounder, with Mary Tyler Moore, of Broadway Barks, a charity that finds homes for shelter animals. Her passion for animals is the inspiration behind this book.

Liz Murphy was born in England and lives with her family in Montclair, New Jersey. She is a graduate of the Kingston Art College, where she majored in graphic design.

LORI’S CORNER: The Key to Combating Pet Overpopulation: Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Program

Downtown Dog Rescue has always been very active in assisting homeless and very low income dog owners get their dogs spayed/neutered free of charge. Over the years, we have all volunteered at lots and lots of free spay/neuter events and have supported all the mobile clinic providers. Without The Amanda Foundation, Sam Simon and the newest mobile clinic Angel Dogs Foundation, most of the clients who get their dogs spayed/neutered would never get it done. Coupons, vouchers, Clinico and other low cost clinics are great, but going into a park, church, or school parking lot with a mobile clinic is the best way to get the dog owners that are the highest risk for allowing their dogs to have multiple litters of puppies.
Do we do these clinic because we just love dogs? We do these clinics because we care about the dog owners in some of the most violent neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, areas like South Central Los Angeles, Watts, or Compton. Even though the mobile clinic is right there, just across the street from the guy with four pit bulls and it’s free, it might not be enough to get him to walk over and ask for information. What we’ve found to be successful is to become a presence in the communities that we serve.
In 2010, Petsmart Charities awarded DDR with a grant to pay for 50% of the cost to spay/neuter 680 dogs living in the City of Compton. The other 50% was supposed to come from the County of Los Angeles Animal Control. We contract Sam Simon or Angel Dogs Foundation the second Saturday of each month, to spay/neuter at least 35 dogs in East Rancho Dominguez Park. Last month, we did a double day, operating our Clinic on Saturday and Sunday and July and August will also be double day months. The challenge is getting the agreed upon funding from the County of Los Angeles. It sure sounded simple when we started this project, provide proof of income for each dog owner and include a surgery receipt.
What we didn’t plan for were all the clients who have no income, are homeless, get paid in cash, are not entitled to any government services, don’t have any form of ID, refuse to give us a copy of their ID and people who just walk up to the clinic while walking their dog in the park and after a long conversation, talking the dog owner out of breeding their dog, we load the […]

FRIDAY SHOUT OUTS – Giving Thanks!

This Friday is a big Friday coz we’re thanking a whole bunch of awesome volunteers! Last weekend, DDR hosted our first ever Annual Pet Fair in the City of Compton!

It was fun and volunteers came out to make it one of our funnest events ever!
We know in DDR that we are nothing without our mover and shaker volunteers!!!!
Who’s more than happy to do the honors this week? It’s our dear CHLOE!!! She got adopted!!!!! Yay! So many of us at DDR and our partner rescue The Dawg Squad

were rooting for this pretty girl! And her dreams have come true! Here she is posing at the DDR Kennels wondering when it was going to be her turn to go home:

And lo and behold!!! Here she is with her new sibling Kylo in her new home!!!!!

Get up from your nap Chloe — we got thankings to do!!!

Ok—on behalf of DDR, I would like to thank my sibling Kylo and my new pack leaders, Brian and Bonnie for taking me into their home! Life’s good and I love my new purple polka-dot collar.
Next is Ms. Lori’s huge enormous thanks to all the volunteers that came out for the Pet Fair:

There’s Josie and the B.A.R.K. crew The kids loved spending time with all of you, the therapy dogs, Fran and Pogo!

We had a […]

LORI’S CORNER: First Annual Pet Fair in Compton

Saturday was our first annual Compton Pet Fair, which was held in conjunction with our monthly spay/neuter event at East Rancho Dominguez Park in Compton. My goal for the Pet Fair was to get information out to community about caring for dogs, including proper feeding, health care and basic training. We also promoted the Dog Fighting Tip Line, handing out lots of postcard size reminders for people to call if they hear of someone fighting dogs. There is a $5,000 reward for any tip that leads to a conviction. However, I hear this phrase over and over from people in the community, especially the pit bull owners, “It’s not enough money to be a snitch.” This is a very sad reality.

I know that some of the youth and especially some of the older homeless men, like our friend and volunteer David, know people who are actively fighting pit bulls. Therefore, the best way to prevent dog fighting is to get the youth active with their pit bulls doing things other than fighting them. I’m proud to say, I work with a group of young men who own pit bulls that are very against dog fighting and dog breeding. My star example is Edgar, who volunteered all day Saturday, helping us translate in Spanish. He is the proud owner of Queenie, a red nose pit bull.

There is another small group who are definitely against dog fighting but are still actively breeding pit bulls or are contemplating creating their own blood line. Cris and Lando are two would be pit bull breeders who brought their dogs to the park on Saturday and decided to spay their female. We didn’t even discuss neutering the male pit bull because I know that’s “off the table for discussion” and I respect that.

Month after month, as Downtown Dog Rescue volunteers continue to raise awareness about the importance of making one’s dog a part of the family, we are seeing word of mouth referrals book appointments to the clinic and dog owners changing their minds about breeding. It’s an ongoing process that is built on trust and being there every month for one of the most needy communities in Los Angeles County. Compton is often considered a “write off” area, where nothing can be done because no one cares. Downtown Dog Rescue cares about the Compton community and the dogs who live there. Our goal is to eliminate the cycle of suffering, where packs of dogs roam the street looking for food and it’s very common to see dead dogs lying […]

Lori’s Corner: Monthly Compton Spay/Neuter Clinic Update

On Saturday, Downtown Dog Rescue hosted our monthly free spay/neuter clinic in Compton at East Rancho Dominguez Park. As always, there were more clients with dogs that needed service than available spots in the clinic. We start our day around 7:00 AM and finished up around 4:00. We provided free spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations and microchips for 30 dog. Ivania and Rosalie and I volunteer each month and have built up a nice following of repeat customers, with lots of word of mouth referrals from friends and family members who have used our service in the past.

Rosalie’s neighbor Troy walked his two Shepherd puppies and his Mama Pit bull over to the clinic. After speaking to him, he confirmed what we already knew, lots of people who live in Compton don’t necessarily want litters of puppies, they just don’t have the money or know where to get their dogs fixed. He also told me that some people don’t have transportation to a clinic, even if they knew where one was or if they could afford it. Mr. Lopez who came with his female dog “Blackie” walked to the clinic, two blocks, with his three small children. Blackie had a litter of puppies because they could not afford to get her fixed. The family decided to keep one puppy and will bring the puppy in June to be spayed. The dog that I was really happy to see finally spayed was a Chow-pit bull mix named “Negra”. She must have had 10 litters of puppies back to back to back! These are all reasons why we need mobile clinics in the parks. I just wish that we could offer more service to the community of Compton. There is such a great need, especially for pit bull owners. A monthly clinic is a good start!

Our goal in 2010 is to spay/neuter 700 Compton Dogs. To make this goal, we will do a double clinic next month. Our June clinic will be Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13th. On the 12th, I’m planning a small pet fair where dog owners can come out to […]

DDR PROGRAMS: Compton Spay + Neuter Clinic Announcement

On May 8th, Downtown Dog Rescue will be hosting our monthly free spay/neuter clinic for COMPTON dog owners. We accept ONLY Compton dog owners.

Our goal in 2010 is to spay/neuter 700 Compton dogs. If you know of a dog owner who lives in Compton and needs to get their dog done, please tell them to call us. We are in the park on the corner of Atlantic and Compton Blvd the second Saturday of every month with a mobile spay/neuter clinic.

CALL: 213-403-0129