Shelter Intervention Program Hits 100 In Just 12 Days!

It’s been 12 days since the launch of our Shelter Intervention Program at the South LA Animal Shelter. Although we knew we’d see positive results, we’re taken back by the enormous success we’ve seen since the April 6th launch date. This past weekend – our 12th day in operation – we successfully prevented the 100th South LA pet from entering the shelter. That’s 100 pets prevented from entering the South LA Shelter IN JUST 12 DAYS!

2 men who planned to surrender their dogs to the South LA Shelter opt for free training class instead.

Included in this weekend’s milestone was our first client with two dogs who needed training. Instead of surrendering his dogs, he came out to learn new techniques on how to handle his challenges. With special thanks to Puppy Imprinter’s Larry Hill, 2 more large breed dogs will not be seeing the inside of the South LA Shelter.


More good news, this is Connor who would’ve been surrendered to the shelter, but thankfully our intervention team was able to coordinate a local rescue group, Wags and Walks, to treat him to a pampered life in a foster home. Because of our partnership with local private rescue groups, many of the pets we encounter never have to step one paw into the shelter.

Owner surrender Conner never had to spend one day in the shelter as part of our Shelter Intervention Program

Also never stepping foot into the shelter were Chubs and Goofy. Both senior dogs from low income households, their owners had no other choice than to bring them to the shelter. Chubs unable to walk due to a massive tumor and Goofy who had a stroke the night before were brought to the shelter by their distraught families. The family’s only hope was that the shelter staff would make them as comfortable as possible before their final departure from this world. Instead, our shelter intervention program offered humane euthanasia, free of charge to the families at a veterinary hospital in Inglewood. Both families ecstatically agreed to take their dogs to the hospital where they could have a dignified goodbye, and in the arms of a loved one. Senior dogs at the end of their life was one of the motivating factors for our Shelter Intervention program.


In total, what we’re seeing is a community willing to work with whomever is willing to provide the resources. Our Shelter Intervention Program is that resource, and although we’ve had tremendous support, we’re still in need of funding for spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, dog food/supplies, boarding/veterinary fees as well as several other miscellaneous expenses that come along with running our Shelter Intervention Program.  Please consider donating to Downtown Dog Rescue. All donations go straight to the program. If you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also help by continuing to spread the word. If you’re into social media, feel free to download our graphic (pictured below) and use it where you’d like. Downtown Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501C3 (#46-1958507) tax deductible charity.

Lastly, we’ like to thank the following organizations who continuously show amazing support for our program.

Amanda Foundation, Wags and Walks, Labs and Buddies, Take Me Home Rescue, Angel City Pit bull Rescue, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and all the other rescues who have helped us keep 100+ pets out of the South LA Shelter in JUST 2 WEEKS!