Pet Support Space 2023 Review

In 2023, we provided services for 6,413 family pets: 4627 dogs and 1784 cats living in South East and South Central Los Angeles, Boyle Heights, Skid Row, and parts of Wilmington.

Humane Euthanasia for terminally ill, suffering, mostly senior dogs. For many of these pets, their families could not afford the cost of humane euthanasia, or they were unaware of what it is.  Without our support, some of these pets would be surrendered to the shelter system not because their family wanted to “dump” their old dog or cat, the families were low income, and could not raise enough money to go to an animal hospital.  We partner with Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) staff, who refer cases to DDR, keeping more pets from unnecessarily entering the shelter system.

General Wellness is offered through our free vaccination clinics with the Southern California Veterinary Medicine Association.  Volunteer veterinarians and techs come together once a month, for the past eight years, to vaccinate, microchip, deworm, and provide flea + tick medication for thousands of cats and dogs.

Medical Expenses for more extensive veterinary care such as ear, eye, skin infections, but include medical emergencies such as pets that were hit-by-car, poisoned, of which the majority are referred to our counselors through LASS where we have counselors on site at the South Los Angeles and Harbor Shelters.  Meeting low income families with pets in a time of crisis is the shelter intervention component to our mission of keeping pets and people together, and to eliminate suffering.

Spay/Neuter is still the best solution to preventing suffering. Currently there are more families who want to spay/neuter their pets than there are available and affordable appointments.  

The Food Program collects data on people with pets who receive ongoing monthly food and supply support.  Our food program numbers do not take into account all of the one-time meetings where we offer people with pets food, and other necessary supplies like a leash or a crate.  Working with agencies such as Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority LAHSA outreach workers who often stop by Clancy’s Closet to pick up everything that they need for their clients with pets. Making it a one-stop-shop place to get food, crate, blankets, collar & leash, etc.

The majority of all of our donations go towards funding our Pet Support Space program.  We are always happy to share our data, answer any questions, especially from other non profits interested in doing this type of work.  We could not continue our mission without YOUR support!  THANK YOU!

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