Good News from our Compton Dog Clinic!

Bark Box

Bluebird an 8 month old pit bull was one of 38 dogs that were spayed and neutered on Sunday at our monthly free South East Community Dog Clinics.IMG_2495 Thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, we will be able to perform 500 free surgeries in a community that lacks the resources. There were 20 male dogs and 18 female dogs and 4 female cats.  Yes, we had cats at our dog clinic.  Including two young cats wearing collars and leashes.  The young woman who owned these cats walked to the clinic because she did not have transportation and was desperate to get her cats spayed.IMG_2482

These two ladies and another friend who drove, woke up at 4:00AM to get their four dogs ready to be an hour and half early so they would get all of their dogs spayed and neutered because they didn’t want their two females to get pregnant but could not afford to pay for four surgeries.

IMG_2505 (1)(1)Lots of large breed dogs including several pit bulls, four from one family, Rottweilers and German Shepherds to name a few of the types of dogs that we helped.  Of course, lots of poodles and chihuahuas and terriers too.  As a special treat, every family went home with a Bark Box, thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Bark Box.


Order your Bark Box and support Downtown Dog Rescue by visiting their site here.


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We want to thank the Amanda Foundation for providing the services.  Their team is amazing.  We are grateful that the ASPCA has given us a second year of spay/neuter funding to continue providing services for our 9th consecutive year at in Compton.  I want to personally thank all the volunteers who get up so early to start our day at 7:00AM and stay until the very last dog or cat goes home late in the afternoon.  Most of the families who use our mobile clinic services would not make it to a stationary hospital due to lack of transportation, a work schedule that conflicts with normal business hours, and or a lack of transportation.  Having a clinic on Sundays, at the park where lots of families spend their time together, where we are viable, accessible ready to offer great customer service to people who may not be familiar with what spay and neuter is.  There are always more people with pets who want the service than we can take that day.  Most of the people rescued their pet off the street, from a neighbor who moved and could not take the pet, their dog or a family member’s dog had an accidental litter or off Craigslist.  Not one pet owner bought their pet.amanda clinic(1)


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