A Message from Our Founder, Lori Weise

The building currently housing our rescue dogs is being sold and we need to raise $120,000 to purchase a new building by August 26th, 2013.

We need to outright own a building, so these dogs are guaranteed a place to stay while we prepare them for adoption as family pets.

We’ve found a property for sale in South Gate, with an existing structure that can be easily modified to suit our needs. It’s not a brand new, modern building, but with the right amount of work, it is the answer to our prayers.

I’ve put my own personal home up as collateral, which is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I believe with all of my heart and soul it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve raised the majority of the purchase price, but we are $120,000 short and escrow closes on August 26th, 2013. Our goal is to pay cash for the property so that we can continue to run our program in under served communities with resources and services to prevent pets from entering the shelter system.

If we can pay cash and outright own this larger building, not only will we be able to rescue additional dogs, but it will also allow us to give back through our Shelter Intervention Program, covering needs that current grants may not meet.

We see a lot of families going through financial challenges. Loss of a job, home or other uncontrollable life event often leading to the family feeling as if they have no alternative but to surrender their pet to a shelter. Sometimes if a pet’s need can be solved by vet care, training, food, etc., it’s the difference between the animal entering the shelter or being able to stay with their family. L.A. Times was kind enough to recognize our program, and wrote a great article about it, which you can read here.

We need your help. No donation is too small. If you can’t participate financially, please post/share our Go Fund Me Fundraising Page with your friends, family and any organization/Facebook page you can think of.

Your donation or social media share helps us rescue shelter dogs in Los Angeles and continue our shelter intervention program.


With many thanks,

Lori Weise
Founder, Downtown Dog Rescue


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