Community Pet Clinics

Every month, DDR provides free to low cost veterinary services for the communities that we work in.  We wanted to let all of our supporters know what your donations are supporting.

We contract with Spay4LA mobile spay/neuter clinic to provide surgeries for up to 30 pets once a month in South Los Angeles.  We have now added another location that we want to go to monthly, The Refresh Spot on Skid Row. This clinic is free spay and neuter for all Skid Row residents with cats and dogs.

One of the Eight Cats that was spayed and neutered

One of the five dogs that were spayed and neutered

DDR covers the cost of a one year dog license

In order to get the word out, our team goes out with a Los Angeles Animal Services staff member, walking the dense blocks of Skid Row, connecting with unhoused people with pets.  It’s through these conversations that we book the surgery appointments.

Meeting people where they are, offering them services that help them reach their goals

For the past seven years, in collaboration with the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association, we have hosted a monthly free vaccination clinic for low income families with pets.  This month, we vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and provided flea and tick meds to more than 200 pets.

Volunteer veterinary staff makes these large scale clinics possible

We offer vaccinations to puppies and always provide spay and neuter resources and support

Approximately 2000 -2500 pets are vaccinated yearly thru our monthly free clinics

Some of the pets need more care than our basic drive thru clinic can offer. Especially the cats! We started the Cat Box Clinic which is a monthly free to low cost cat clinic that treats ear and skin infections, offers more extensive exams, we can give IVs, draw blood, etc.  Basically veterinary care without surgeries.  Our medical director is Dr. Rachel Hoffman. 

3 month old Osito was sick and suffering

The Cat Box Clinic consists of a rented contractor’s container style office, with two exam tables, and all of our supplies.  We have no specific funding for this cat clinic.  No support from the City or County of Los Angeles.  We pay 100% of the cost of medicine and staffing this clinic.  Most families can donate about $20.  It’s because of your donations that we are able to run this clinic, and hopefully, one day, expand this model to many areas of South Los Angeles that are known as “veterinary deserts”

Please consider donating today. Overall, our donations are down this year, despite adding more services, more locations, and more programs that thousands of families with pets rely on us for access to veterinary care.  


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