Successful South LA Dog Clinic!

Our July South Los Angeles Dog Clinic at Fred Roberts Recreation Center was one of the BUSIEST clinics that we have had this year!

A total of 291 puppies and dogs came out last Sunday

Working with the Southern California Veterinarian Medical Association, DDR is able to provide free vaccinations, micro chipping, de-worming, wellness exams and medical vouchers for more extensive care, including tumor removal surgeries, treatment for chronic health issues that cause a great deal of suffering.

The veterinarians and vet techs volunteer their time each month.  We purchase all the vaccines, microchips and other supplies to make these clinics happen every month for more than three consecutive years.  Thanks to a generous donation from Merial, we are able to provide Frontline to every dog who needs flea and tick prevention.

Here is a rundown of what services were provided

291 puppies and dogs received services of which 159 were already spayed or neutered

54 dogs were signed up to be sterilized later this month, or in August using the Spay4LA mobile clinic which provided the free spay and neuter surgeries at our clinic.  There was a full clinic, with a long waiting list of pet owners who didn’t have an appointment but hoped to get their dogs into the mobile clinic.

No one was turned away without some type of spay/neuter resource.

12 dogs required medical vouchers for a variety of conditions such as infected ears, eyes, growths/tumor removal, hernia repair surgery, medical care that we could not provide in the park.

Our monthly clinics would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers and YOU who support our work.  These free clinics are free to dog owners who live in some of the most under served areas in South Los Angeles.  Areas that lack veterinarian care, and other pet services.  The pet owners who attend the clinics are often homeless, on the verge of becoming homeless and very low income, living on a fixed income.  During our time hosting these monthlyclinics, we have increased the rates of pets sterilized and vaccinated, and decreased the number of pets being diagnosed with parvo and other infectious diseases.

Will you consider making a donation to help us continue this important work?  Thank you !








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