Super Bowl Sunday Spay & Neuter Clinic

On Super Bowl Sunday morning, in the rain, 80 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered at East Rancho Dominguez Park in Compton.

One mobile clinic completely full of cats, and the other for dogs. What an amazing team Spay4LA, who performed all the surgeries. We love to collaborate with Spay4LA because they have the same mission as Downtown Dog Rescue, helping pet owners who cannot afford to sterilize their pets.

Usually, we focus on dogs, doing a few cat surgeries, but in 2019, we are committed to doing more free spay/neuter surgeries for pet cats.

Many of the pet owners that we assist live in South Gate, Lynwood, Paramount, Bell Gardens, all cities that do not offer any type of free or low cost spay/neuter vouchers.  We are grateful to all of our donors who continue to support these free surgery clinics each month.  Our next clinic will be Sunday March 3rd for the Compton community.

Woof Wednesday at Pet Resource Center: Siripan’s story

Siripan has been living on the streets for years with her much loved little dog, Cindy. She was finally able to get into low-income housing but still has little funds. One of PRC’s clients brought them to see us because 15yr old Cindy has a large tumor. Siripan has been very worried about caring for Cindy but didn’t know what to do.

Through her tears, Siripan explained her fears for Cindy and her previous futile efforts to get treatment for Cindy as a resident of Skid Row. Amanda and Lola, two of our counselors, wrote a voucher and contacted one of our partnering affordable veterinarians so that Cindy could be seen as soon as possible. They also tried to comfort Siripan and prepare her for what may be the outcome. She was very grateful for the concern and that we will help Cindy have the outcome that is best for her quality of life. This can be life on Skid Row! 

To help the Pet Resource Center continue to provide medical services, free spay/neuter and supplies to beloved pets like Cindy, donations are always needed and appreciated.

Every week, we have new clients come for help, plus those we have been helping for over a year. These loving pet owners are so thankful that they can feed their pets and keep them safe and healthy. You can help these pets stay fed and healthy by supporting DDR in Race for the Rescues, which will take place on October 14th at the Rose Bowl.

You don’t have to run/walk to support Race for the Rescues. Donate to sponsor another runner! We’re currently 60% of the way to our $30,000 goal!

Can you help us reach the finish line?

Make a donation today and receive one of the following gifts:
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Thank you! You make our work possible.

Thank You For a Great 2015! Here’s To More In 2016.

As 2015 comes to a close, we want to reflect back on all that you’ve helped us do – our donors, supporters, volunteers, adopters, friends, partners, and fans. For starters, our Shelter Intervention Program (SIP) continued to keep pets out of the shelter this year on a much larger scale. We offered free spay/ neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and dog training. We gave away monthly food, fixed broken gates, repaired fences, supplied dog houses, and paid license or redemption fees so pets could go home. We heard from families who were assisted through SIP, and they were proud to report on how they helped others in their community after experiencing our support. This domino effect of kindness is the type of lasting change that ripples. We’re thrilled to share that since April of 2013, we’ve been able to save 5,000 pets from entering the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter.

Spay/Neuter for 2500 pets in 2016Over the past 20 years we’ve witnessed the impact of extreme poverty in Los Angeles. Our goal is always to do more. We provided free services, held spay/neuter clinics, and walked the streets of underserved communities so that we could actually talk to people and listen to them. We thought about what we heard. What resources do they need? How can we deliver? Those are the questions DDR has been and will continue to be based on. Those are the questions that fuel our ongoing programs for those who need it most.


Since 1996, we’ve provided free spay/neuter surgeries for thousands of dogs, and up until recently, we were the only nonprofit offering these services in Compton. Just us and our little project, which grew and grew. Now cut to today, and this summer we began partnering with the Southern California Veterinarian Medical Association, whose members volunteer with us in one of the poorest communities in LA. Together we’ve offered vaccinations and microchipping for hundreds of animals, but it’s been more than just about providing free services. It’s giving people who love their pets the chance at the veterinary care they want, but simply can’t afford. And in South LA, where the incidence of preventable infectious diseases such as Parvo and Distemper are high, this translated into saving lives. The best part is, the community is spreading the word for us — our spay/neuter appointments are now booked overwhelmingly by referral. We’re helping the neighbors, cousins, and friends of dog owners who we saw last month or last year. And although the year is about to end, we are holding two more clinics before the ball drops on the 31st. Plus, DDR’s partnership with SCVMA proved the value of working directly in the community. They will now be working with additional nonprofits, expanding free services in more areas of need.

MonthlyKennelAs I hope you know, DDR also owns and operates its own kennel facility, located in South Gate, one of the at-risk neighborhoods we serve. […]

Race for the Rescues is less than two weeks away!


If you  support our community dog clinics, keeping pets with their families, focusing on preventing animals from entering shelters, please consider making a donation today to support Downtown Dog Rescue on Saturday October 24th, as we meet up with some of the best animal rescue organizations in Southern California to Race for the Rescues


You don’t need to run to support us.  Help us reach our goal

gl2 Gilbert Lindsay Park Dog Clinic Gilbert Lindsey4 To prevent parvo outbreaks, we provide free vaccinations and worming for puppies gl4 Families who come for free vaccines can also sign up for free spay/neuter. We provide free wellness care to over 150 community dogs at our monthly clinics Vaccines, worming, flea + tick control – free dog food + collars and leashes

Straight Outta Compton!

Last weekend, while everyone was at a movie theater seeing the movie Straight Outta Compton, we were in Compton, at the same park that the young Venus and Serena Williams practiced playing tennis, East Rancho Dominguez Park.  Despite triple digit heat, we had a great day  A total of 35 more Compton community dogs were spayed/neutered and vaccinated

Our clinics are always free for the families who come out to get their dogs fixed.  We accept family pets that live in Compton, Paramount, Lynwood, Maywood, Bell, Bell Gardens, South Gate, Willowbrook, Watts and parts of South LA.  In addition to the free surgeries and vaccinations, lots of dogs received a free pet ID tag

Volunteer Luz Ramirez created free tags on our table top tag machine, thanks to all of you who donated to help us buy this machine  To date, we have made more than 450 ID tags for dogs living in the communities that we serve.

Hundreds of pounds of dog food was passed out, dog toys, collar and leashes, supplies that families need to keep their dogs healthy and safe.  We want to thank the Amanda Foundation mobile clinic team for being our medical team at the clinic.  We also want to say a BIG thank you to Amanda President Teri Austin for taking three dogs that community members could not keep and were planning on taking to the Downey Shelter.  The relief they expressed, knowing that their dogs would not go to the shelter made them so happy.  Our next clinic will be in late September.




Good news from the Compton Dog Clinic!


Thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, we were able to offer free spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations to 43 more pets in the Compton Community.  Since 2006, we have continued to expand upon our community dog clinics, focusing on the South East communities which include Bell, Bell Gardens, Cudahy, Compton, Lynwood, Maywood, Paramount, Willowbrook/Watts and our home base, South Gate.  Most of the families let us know that without our support, they would not have been able to sterilize their dogs.

cpt-june3Thanks to a great location, East Rancho Dominguez Park on the corner of Atlantic + Compton, we always have more families interested in getting their pets fixed than we have available appointments.  In addition to the surgeries performed on the Amanda Foundation Mobile Clinic, we wrote out vouchers so that pet owners will be able to take their dogs and cats to Lynwood Animal Hospital and get the same free surgeries.  Being in the community, answering questions, giving people information on pet health, licensing and listening to the challenges lots of our families face is all part of the success of our program.

Big shout out to Star, a canine student at our weekly free dog training class in the park. She came to the clinic with her family and got spayed.  We had such a great conversation, they love her so much.  Like many families, were a little reluctant to get her spayed because they thought at a year old, she may be too young and she could die during surgery.  Here she is (photo above) on her ride back home.



We also brought Gummy Bear (right) into the DDR adoption program.  At four months old, he was neutered and vaccinated, and is ready now for his forever home.  Gummy Bear who was rescued by a Compton Community member who asked for our help.

If you live in one of the South East Cities, need to get your dog spayed/neutered, give us a call 818-407-4145.  If you support this type of community based work, consider making a donation here, Donate.cpt-june5cpt-june2GummyBear Best

Coming Soon – FREE Watts Dog Clinic!

Watts clinic2We are collecting donations of dog food, collars and leashes, flea medication and other supplies to pass out to Watts dog owners in need. You can donate via our Amazon Wish List Shop Now! 

Our goal is to vaccinate 100 dogs and puppies living in Watts, while providing life saving information on how to see the signs of parvo, how to feed and care for a new dog or puppy. Why it’s important to use flea treatment and more. The Amanda Foundation Mobile clinic will be part of our day, providing free spay and neuter by appointment.
amanda clinic(1)
We want to thank our friends at the Watts Coffee House for offering their parking lot as a location for our special day. Thank you Watts Project volunteers who are serving as our street team, passing out over 1500 flyers into the community. A special shout out to trainer Larry Hill and his team from Puppy Imprinters who will be doing training demonstrations and offering advice. The Southern California Veterinary Medical Association will be volunteering hours, providing wellness information. Our friends at Ghetto Rescue Foundation will be volunteering to help check in dog owners and make everyone feel welcome. Aromatherapy mobile grooming will be at our event, bathing, brushing and grooming dogs. Every dog will go home with a pet ID tag. We will offer free DHPP, rabies and microchip Staff from the Department of Animal Services will be on hand to license dogs.

Are you a DDR volunteer who wants to volunteer, email

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.

I’ve always loved this quote by poet Robert Frost: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

It’s not just because these are clever words written by a clever man — it’s because this quote has the power of truth behind it. At the South LA Shelter Intervention program, we see this piece of wisdom in action time and time again. Taking it one step further, in South LA, good fences (or gates) save lives.

Fence and gate repairs is one of the services we offer to help keep dogs out of the shelter and in their homes. The majority of these requests are initiated by animal control officers who visit a home and cite a dog owner for not adequately containing their dog in the yard. This can be a very challenging citation for a dog owner, especially if he or she is a renter or doesn’t have the money or skills to make the necessary improvements to secure their yard.

That’s where we come in and offer assistance as best we can.

Before sending out a handyman to support the family, we must first obtain permission from a landlord to repair or replace a fence. This can be a greater obstacle than you might imagine. For example, in one of the areas that we regularly service (90003), there are approximately 17,500 homes, condos, and apartments within 3.6 square miles. Roughly 68% of the people living in this very densely populated area are renters. Therefore every repair that we make to a property requires not only the approval of the dog owner, but first the approval of the property owner. This requires our time and also much convincing as many property owners are not initially receptive to the idea.

Other times we meet families who feel pressured to relinquish their pets due to disagreements with neighbors. In these cases, simple fence or gate improvements can create peace between neighbors. Harmony is an invaluable quality when it comes to one’s living situation, and to the safety of a loved pet. The families that we help commonly say things like, “Everything was okay until a new neighbor moved in with their dog.” This is because families regularly share driveways or live on lots where two or three houses share the land. People live in converted garages, or even single family houses that have been converted to accommodate multiple families, each renting different parts of the divided house.

Our job is to try our best to make it work, for the family’s sake and for the animal’s. One simple solution is putting up a sheet of metal, separating the front house from the back house. This can keep two dogs from “fence fighting,” and therefore may keep these animals from being surrendered to the shelter.

Another common fix is lining a chain link fence with aluminum siding, which prevents small dogs from slipping out and getting into the street (where they are often hit by a car or attacked by larger dogs.) Unfortunately, there are parts of […]