Adopt Puppy Buster!


Baby Buster was a total surprise. Our outreach worker Gabby had been helping an unhoused family with their dogs.  The family made a difficult decision to give up mama Lucille formerly known as Berlin, because they were being forced to move their trailer to a high traffic dangerous street. They knew Lucille’s personality, and worried that she would dart out in traffic and get hit.  They loved her so much that they wanted DDR to find her a forever family.  Lucille entered our adoption program, was sent to Alondra Animal Hospital for board and spay, when we discovered that Lucille had one puppy overnight, and the staff could not believe what they saw that morning, since no one knew that she was pregnant.  Volunteer Siobhan agreed to foster this little family.

Buster has been lovingly raised by his mama dog Lucille, with 24/7 care and attention, making him a sweet puppy.  He has had two sets of vaccinations, has been dewormed, and if you agree to adopt him, we would consider a “foster -to – adopt” agreement, where he would be officially adopted once he is old enough to be neutered.  Buster is a BIG baby! You see mama is some type of husky mix, about 35-40lbs.  We think daddy dog was definitely a large breed dog, maybe shepherd, we don’t know for sure since mama dog often ran freely in the streets, meeting lots of other dogs.

We hope that if you can’t adopt, you will share this post with friends and family who might be looking to adopt a puppy.  To learn more about Buster and mama Lucille go here Adopt Buster

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