Fundraiser for Senior Dogs!

Senior dog Bruno’s owner died and he has been waiting for someone to adopt him for two years

We love rescuing senior dogs, especially senior pit bulls. However, the reality is that the process of finding these super senior dogs homes, often takes more than a month or two.

In order to make these dogs as comfortable as possible, while they live with us at our kennel, we decided to do some renovating. We are in the process of  building  two senior  dog suites. Each will have their own private entry. One of the suites, has its own private side yard, and doggy door to leave the suite and enter the yard outside.

While these suites are not homes, for some senior dogs it’s better than anything they have experienced in their lifetime.

We are also installing an outdoor dog washing station that will have hot and cold water to bathe all the dogs at our kennel. A dog washing station was on our wish list when we purchased our kennel property back in 2013, but never finished.

Our goal is to raise $2500 to complete this renovation before the 4th of July.  Check out our progress, and consider making a donation to help us finish this project.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Lady Royale had a huge tumor growing on her shoulder when we rescued her from the shelter. She is all healed up and hopes to be adopted soon!

Beautiful Laila has waited a year to be adopted

Stella loves to cuddle and is a low energy low rider who is waiting for you to adopt her!

Consider being a Forever Foster like Minnie’s family Minnie was adopted and happily living with her forever foster family

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