The Universe Has A Plan


I decided to write this blog post in order to share a particularly cool story, but also to remind me that when I get out of my own way and allow the Universe to put a plan into motion, things work out really great!

Trusting in a Higher Power, God, The Universe is something that is fairly new to me.  For many years, I guess you could say that I was faking it – meaning, I was saying that I trusted a power greater than myself, but I really didn’t.  I was that person who always had to feel like she was in control, even when life seemed out of control.  I was always that person who had a back-up plan for her back-up plan.

Fast forward to about a month ago:  lying in bed surrounded by dogs, reading emails on my iPhone, one message catches my attention.  It began with a plea for help, but didn’t stop there.  In great detail, she was honest about her living situation, her love for her dogs, and what she was willing to do to get help.  The part that really irked me was her detailed description of the type of food she was looking for in a donation. She only would accept vegan dog food. Reading this, my initial thought was, “Well, if I couldn’t afford to feed my dogs regularly, would I really be concerned about the dog food being vegan?” No, no I would not.

The email went on for a couple of paragraphs, she seemed like a nice lady but she was out of our service area and she seemed too organized and thoughtful.  Someone would help her because she was resourceful – clearly not a DDR type of client.  I thanked her for her message, explained that “we never get vegan dog food”, and wished her well.

The very next day, I received an email from Diana at PETA, who was writing because she had a big donation of vegan dog food to share with DDR if we needed it.  I was stunned! Yes, of course we will take it, I replied.  We met up later in the week and unloaded cases of vegan dog food kibble.  I had to acknowledge this was more than a coincidence.  I emailed the vegan dog food lady, so excited to let her know I had food for her dogs.  I  never got an email back.

About a week later, I received a text from her.  It went something like this:  Sorry for the late reply. It is difficult for me to read my emails because I am not living in a permanent home.  This pet owner had been living in her car with her three dogs, using the Safe Parking program until she was recently accepted into the Project Room Key program.  Her situation of  homelessness was a result of being a domestic violence survivor who lost it all when she left her abusive situation.  That is about all that I am going to share about her, but she did approve me telling her story as it relates to DDR assisting her and her dogs.

We texted back and forth several times.  She continued to update me.  Counselor Amanda got involved with her case and set up veterinary care appointments for the dogs at Los Angeles Veterinary Center because it had been awhile since the dogs had received any care.  This was not because she was neglectful in any way, she simply did the best she could with her limited income of less than $300 per month.  Her little chihuahua needed the most care.  We spent about $700 for extensive dentistry, blood work, and medication.

Today, she sent me a follow-up text with photos that read, “Thank you for being there, it would have been devastating not to have any support at a time like this.  I have always afforded his vet care in the past.”  Reading her text, I smiled because I know she means every word, appreciates not only DDR covering the cost of care, but for caring about her and her dogs, taking the time to make a connection that will likely be ongoing.

The Universe had a plan to bring her to DDR even though she lived outside our service area and had requests that we thought we could not accommodate. Everything worked out.  This story might sound like a simple account of things falling into place, but as I write this blog post, miracles, positive actions, and unbelievable situations that just cannot be a coincidence continue to happen in my life.  I take this as a sign that the Universe is encouraging me to trust love and goodness and to live each day in gratitude. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  As always, I enjoy receiving your emails at






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