DDR kennel – 2 years – over 400 dogs and counting!

Two years ago in August, we closed escrow on our kennel property.  Thanks to all of you who supported us, we were able pay off our property, build the dog runs and play yards, enabling us to expand our kennel program.  Hundreds of dogs have come to play, stay and live with us for days, weeks, months before they were adopted and  WENT HOME!!! We have increased adoptions by than 40%!

Giving us so much joy is being able to rescue more senior shelter dogs like Simone (available now for adoption).

We can rescue more shy dogs and watch them blossom through play groups.  Dogs like Goober and Lexi (available for adoption now).

Dogs like Rudy are rescued from the shelter, live and learn how to play at the kennel then are ready to go into a foster home while they wait to be adopted (Available for adoption now!)ruddddy

Watch our video about the construction of the kennel from day one, when our place was just a parking lot, to play time in the play yard.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!Goober-kennel22